Connect Clearout to over 1,500+ Apps using Zapier for Email Validation

Automate the tedious time-consuming tasks around your scheduling workflow in minutes.

How to Verify emails in Zapier in just 5 Simple Steps

1. Connect with Zapier

To integrate Clearout with any other app available on Zapier, you will need to have a Zapier account.

In case you do not have one, please create an account.

2. Create a New Zap

Log in into your Zapier account, click on Make a Zap! button to create a new zap. Give an appropriate name to your new zap.

3. Setup a Trigger

Every zap needs a trigger event to call an action.

For instance, we'll use Google Spreadsheet as the trigger app.

After selecting the Google Spreadsheet, the next screen will show all available triggers of the Google Spreadsheet by Zapier app.

Select the spreadsheet file and click Save + Continue button.

4. Select an Action

After setting up the trigger, you have to choose the actions for the trigger event.

To set up an action, type in Clearout in the search box and select.

The next screen will show you the available actions of Clearout app.

Select ‘Verify Email Address’ and click ‘Save + Continue’ button to proceed.

5. Connect with Clearout Account

The next step will ask you to select your Clearout account. Click ‘Connect a new account’ button to set up a connection using the Clearout API key.

Generating Clearout API Key:

Get your Clearout API key by logging in to your Clearout account - Account > API > Generate API Token > Clearout Server App.