Worth for every single penny! Pricing precisely designed for email verification without duplicates.

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More than 30000+ multi-sized business trust us with our real-time email validation services.

After trying Clearout, I almost never see any bounces or failed deliveries and our open rate is as high as 82% sometimes because the quality of our list is good now. The "guaranteed deliverables" feature gives us a lot of confidence in Clearout as a product.

Logic InboundHayk Saakian, Cofounder

We as a lead generation agency were looking for a provider that could help us clean emails at scale. Clearout has proven to be an excellent resource to help us with that journey. Increasing our deliverability by 23%, it’s now part of our ‘go-to’ tool stack for outreach campaigns.

Pearl LemonDeepak, Founder

It works amazingly well at validating email addresses with great API and support. It was able to identify about 10% of the invalid contacts in our database. There are other products for email verification but Clearout by far has the best price and easiest to use.

SigParserPaul Mendoza, Co-founder


What are the different pricing options available?
Keeping in mind the different requirements of the users, we provide the following prepaid plans:
  • One Time/Pay As You Go - Add credits to your account anytime by making a one-time payment.
  • Monthly subscription - Pay a fixed amount once each month and we add credits to your account automatically.
  • Annually subscription - Pay a fixed amount once a year and we add credits to your account automatically.
What benefits can a user expect from subscription plans?
A customer can expect multiple benefits:
  • Discounts upto 40%
  • The credits are carried forward and never expire
  • Automated addition of credits in the user’s account
  • Facility to upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime.
How should the existing customers go ahead?
The existing customers will be treated as a part of the ‘One Time/Pay As You Go’ plan unless they subscribe to any other plan. They can go ahead with subscribing to the plan that suits them the best.
Will the credits reset every month?
In all the subscription plans the credits get carried forward and never expire.
What to do if the credits for a month have exhausted but additional credits are required?
More credits can be added anytime by upgrading the subscription plan or by making a one-time payment
Can the plans be upgraded or downgraded? If yes, how?
The current plan can be upgraded or downgraded anytime. It can be in either way
  • Upgrading/Downgrading within the current plan
  • Upgrading/Downgrading from monthly to an annual plan or from annual to monthly plan respectively.
You simply have to cancel the current plan and subscribe to the desired plan.
On switching a plan, only the balance amount needs to be paid?
In case of any kind of switching, from a lower to a higher plan or higher to a lower plan, the user needs to pay the subscription amount in full. The subscription plans do not carry the option for a refund.
What is the billing cycle?
What is the billing cycle?
  • One Time/Pay As You Go - The bill will be generated at the time of purchase.
  • Monthly subscription - The bill will be generated every 30-days from the date of subscription.
  • Annually subscription - The bill will be generated every 365 days from the date of subscription.
Are there any customised subscription plans?
You may email us at [email protected] for custom subscription plans.

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