WordPress powers more than 34% of the web, a figure that rises each day. With this huge popularity comes the enormous risk of fraudulent signups! But not anymore!
With the phenomenal Combination of WordPress and Clearout you can ensure the following -

  • Registration/subscription of valid users only
  • Use of business/work email address only during particular sign up forms
  • Power to stop fraudulent sign-ups and a lot more.

Steps to get the Clearout email validator plugin-

1. Connect account

If not an existing Clearout user, firstly create an account. Existing Clearout users can begin from Step 2
  • Go to Clearout.io → Click on Create Free Account → Enter your sign-up email address → Check your email for sign up completion

2. Install and Activate

Install and Activate the Clearout email validator plugin
  • Log in to your WordPress account
  • Click on ‘Plugin’ from the multiple options present on the left-hand corner of your WordPress account.
  • Once the ‘Plugin’ is open click on the ‘Add new’ tab
  • From the search bar present on the right, you can search for ‘Clearout email validator’
  • Click on ‘Install now’, once the plugin has been allocated. Click on ‘Activate’ to start using the email validator plugin.

3. Plugin Setup

Last but not least, set the plugin your way?
Once installed and active, follow these steps In your WordPress account
1. Go to Settings→ Clearout email validator→ Enter
2. Enter the API token (Available in your Clearout profile, just copy and paste)
3. Provide the timeout you wish (The time allowed to validate the email ID once submitted by the registrant/subscriber)
4. Select the types of email addresses you want to be shown as valid.
5. Click on ‘Apply’

Advice: Test immediately to ensure the plug-in settings are correct.