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What Makes Clearout Email Finder Unique ?

Get Results From Any Data We offer assured results in every scenario. Get optimum results from scraped/ lowest quality data too.
Results Backed With Confidence Get the confidence score with each lead to strengthen your cold marketing strategies.
Diverse Ways For Lead Discovery Remove lead generation ordeals with multiple ways of lead discovery. This includes quick email finder, bulk email finder, API & integrations.
Anticipate Campaign Results Understand and predict the results of your campaigns with the 'Confidence Level' for your target audience list.

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Easy To Use Dashboard

GDPR Compliant

Best Accuracy through Advanced AI

Well Established Email Verifier

Spend Less Time To Find Leads

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Bulk Email Finder

Discover potential customers in bulk - Drag and drop or upload list with 1000's of prospects with their name and company/domain in .csv or .xlsx format. Enrich the list by additional columns of Clearout

Instant or Quick Email Finder

Quick Email Finder can be used to locate email addresses with utmost speed and accuracy. Enter the name of the prospect, the company name/domain or select it from the drop-down list and begin the free email search.

API Integration For Developers

Clearout Email Finder is available through simple REST API for instant and bulk email finding that can be seamlessly integrated with all programming languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Clearout Email Finder Tool?
Clearout Email Finder gives you assured and highly accurate results in every scenario to make sure your business can bloom. We aim to offer maximum reach to your sales and marketing efforts which is why we never stop developing new useful features.
Who should use Clearout Email Finder?
Anyone who is looking for a prospect's email address or building cold email lists must try it. Lead generation is a fundamental activity for every business and Clearout Email Finder helps do the same whilst protecting the domain from going bad by keeping bounce rate will be below 3%.
What is a Clearout Confidence Score?
Clearout Confidence Score is an AI based percentile value that indicates the accuracy level with which the discovered email address
matches with the lead in the query. Confidence score is determined in real-time by multiple moving variables and high-precision machine learning algorithms.
What is the Clearout Confidence Level?
Clearout Confidence Level is an email deliverability scale that indicates how good the discovered email addresses are for a list and how good the list can be for cold email outreach campaigns.
Is it a free email finder service?
We offer 100 credits for a free trial. You may purchase additional credits to continue.
What is a credit?
Credit determines the cost incurred for finding an email address. 4 credits will be charged for every successful email address found. Only 2 credits will be charged for every alternative email address found.
Can I discover prospect email address in bulk?
Yes, this can be done using bulk finder. Just upload your .csv sheet with the name of the prospect and the company name/ domain. Once the search is complete the result will offer prospect email address in bulk.
Can I get an email address for all my inputs?
There may be times when the email address may not be determined. This occurs in cases of bad input, domain not configured for mail server etc. You will not be charged if the result shows 'email not found'.
Will I be charged for duplicates?
No, we do not charge any credits for duplicate email addresses found in the bulk email finder upload list.
Does it support free domain email finding?
Yes, the reach of the email finder is not limited to professional domains. It covers free domains and B2B websites as well.
How accurate are the emails generated?
The Email Finder uses the most extensive database of public email addresses to find the right contact information. All the email addresses go through an email verification before being returned. You can use Clearout's Email Verifier to check emails collected from other sources.
Do I need to verify the emails before using for the campaigns?
The emails found are pre-verified, but with time the status of the email can change. In such cases, we advise re-verification using Clearout email verification to keep the status of the emails intact and avoid any bounces.
What are available integrations options?
Currently we offer integration through API. Very soon we will be launching intgeration with Zapier.
Are the collected emails safe?
The collected emails are pre-verified , hence completely safe to send. This is applicable if the generated emails are put to use within a period of 2-3 days as the status of emails can change.
Is Clearout email finder GDPR compliant?
The Email Finder is GDPR compliant. Even though the GDPR only applies to data from EU residents, we applied the requirements of the regulation broadly to the entire database.
Can I buy email lists from you?
No. We are not involved in purchase or sale of any email lists.
I have more questions, how to get the answers?
Feel free to contact on Live Chat or shoot us an email at [email protected]