Frequently Asked Questions


Clearout helps businesses all over the world in creating, qualifying, and delivering results-driven leads at scale and with the highest level of accuracy. It is a SaaS platform that hosts Email Validation, Verification, Finder, and Prospecting services for business owners, marketers, and sales representatives in order to improve email deliverability, enrich contact databases, and advance targeted lead generation while saving time, money, and increasing ROI.

Email data quality is essential for businesses because it ensures higher deliverability, improves reputation, saves costs, enhances campaign effectiveness, provides data-driven insights, and ensures compliance with regulations.

Clearout sets itself apart from other Email Verification, Email Finder, and Prospecting tools with the following distinguishing features:

Highest Accuracy: Ensures clean and reliable data for effective outreach.

Excellent Support System: Responsive customer support for a seamless experience.

Integrations: Seamless integration with CRM, ESP, marketing automation platforms, online forms, webpages & more.

Robust API: Allows easy integration into existing systems and workflows.

Bulk Processing: Efficiently handles high-volume email verification and enrichment.

Data Security and Privacy: Prioritizes protection and compliance. It is fully GDPR Compliant and ISO & SOC 2 Type 2 Certified.

User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation and utilization of tool functionalities.

Transparent Pricing: Clear and flexible pricing plans without hidden costs.

Constant Innovation: Updates and improvements aligned with industry trends.

Customization Options: Tailors verification and prospecting settings to specific criteria.

Yes, Clearout is suitable for businesses of all sizes, ranging from individual business owners to enterprises. It caters to the needs of single-person operations, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large organizations. Additionally, Clearout is not limited to businesses alone; it is also beneficial for service professionals, freelancers, consultants, and anyone looking to enhance their email data quality and prospecting efforts.

Yes, Clearout provides 100 free credits upon registration and offers free demos with readily available support.

Clearout's interface is highly user-friendly, designed to be intuitive and straightforward. No special skills or technical expertise are required to navigate and utilize Clearout. It is suitable for beginners and users of all skill levels, making it easy for anyone to use and benefit from its features.

To sign up successfully, please ensure that you use a work email address and avoid using free emails like Gmail or Yahoo. If you're still facing issues after using a work email, please check if you already have an account. If the problem persists, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Yes, you can change your registered email address. Simply go to your Clearout account settings, navigate to the "My Account" section, and click on the option to change your email. Enter the new email address you wish to use and click "Update" to save the changes.

If you have forgotten your account password, don't worry! You can easily recover it. Simply click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. Enter your registered email address associated with your Clearout account and submit the request. You will receive an email containing a password reset link. Click on the link provided in the email to change or update your password.

Yes, Clearout integrates easily with top ESPs, CRMs, forms, landing pages, and more. Check our website for available integrations.

Clearout ensures customer data privacy and security by following top security measures, including GDPR compliance, ISO compliance, and SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

No, Clearout is a SaaS product that can be accessed directly through the web. There is no need to download or install any software, except for the Clearout Prospecting feature, which requires the installation of the Clearout Google Chrome extension.


Clearout Prospecting tool is essential for every business as it offers comprehensive lead generation with accurate contact information, enriched profiles, targeted prospecting, real-time updates, and workflow automation.

Clearout Prospecting provides enriched data with emails and phone numbers verified by 98%+ accuracy. With advanced algorithms and multiple data verification techniques, Clearout ensures businesses can reach the right audience and improve outreach effectiveness.

Here are the benefits of Clearout Prospecting:

Provides verified contact data, i.e. personal & business email addresses and phone numer, for accurate outreach.

Enriched email addresses and phone numbers for better targeting.

Conversion of unstructured data to structured data for easier analysis.

Cost-effective solution for efficient lead generation.

Seamless prospect list building without the need to switch between tabs/apps.

Enhanced LinkedIn search: Efficient prospecting options from various LinkedIn sources.

Real-time contact verification: Email addresses business and personal and phone numbers verified in real time for accuracy.

Continuous lead generation: Automation feature for ongoing list building.

Verified contact information: 98%+ accuracy for reliable data.

In-App search filters: 15+ filters for refined ideal customer profile search.

New filter for fresh prospects: Stay ahead with proactive outreach.

Search Templates: Pre-defined templates for quick searches.

Streamlined prospect management: Easily organize prospects in lists.

Clearout's LinkedIn Chrome Extension enhances your LinkedIn prospecting in the following ways :

Advanced Search: Effortlessly search profiles, connections, invitations, and Sales Navigator within the extension.

Real-time Contact Enrichment: Obtain verified email addresses, phone numbers with line-type details, carrier, country, and timezone.

Seamless Integration: No need to switch tools or platforms, as the extension seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn.

Automation: Build prospect lists even when you're not actively using LinkedIn for continuous lead generation.

Reliable Data: Contact information is verified for high accuracy, ensuring trustworthy data for effective outreach.

Clearout provides a generous offer of 100 free credits upon registration, which can be utilized for prospecting with the LinkedIn Chrome Extension. Additionally, the chrome extension itself is available for free installation.

You can refer these steps to install the extension.

Yes, Clearout's LinkedIn Chrome Extension is fully compliant with LinkedIn's terms of service and privacy policies. We prioritize strict adherence to these policies to ensure the privacy and data security of our users.

Yes, you can export the prospect data obtained through Clearout's LinkedIn Chrome Extension. Once you have collected the data and added it to your lists, you can enrich and organize it as needed. When you are ready, you can export the data for further use and integration with your preferred tools or systems.

Yes, the prospect data obtained through Clearout's LinkedIn Chrome Extension is accurate and up to date. The contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, is verified with 98%+ accuracy. Clearout's verification process ensures the reliability of the data, and it is updated in real time to reflect any changes or updates.

Yes, Clearout's LinkedIn Chrome Extension can be used with any LinkedIn account. Whether you have a personal LinkedIn account or a business account, the extension is designed to work seamlessly with all types of LinkedIn accounts.

Clearout's LinkedIn Chrome Extension is user-friendly and requires no training. However, our support team is available 24/7 to assist you if needed.

Clearout's LinkedIn Chrome Extension does not have any specific limitations or usage restrictions. However, it is important to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version of the extension for optimal performance. Additionally, maintaining a sufficient number of credits in your account is necessary to ensure smooth functionality and access to all the features of the extension.

Clearout's In-App prospecting is a powerful feature that allows users to conduct targeted prospecting and lead generation within the platform. With advanced search capabilities, customizable filters, and real-time data, users can easily find and target their ideal customer profiles. This tool streamlines the prospecting process and empowers users to make data-driven decisions for effective lead generation.

In-App Prospecting plays a crucial role in enabling better targeting for users. By leveraging advanced search capabilities and customizable filters within the Clearout platform, users can refine their search criteria based on specific parameters such as industry, job title, location, and company size. This level of precision allows for more accurate targeting of prospects who closely align with their desired customer profiles. The ability to focus on these highly relevant prospects enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of lead generation efforts.

To look for new prospects, you can utilize the 'new' filter provided by Clearout. This filter allows you to identify fresh prospects who have recently entered the market or shown activity on LinkedIn. By leveraging the 'new' filter, you can stay ahead of your competitors and proactively reach out to these prospects, increasing your chances of making valuable connections and generating new business opportunities.

Clearout's In-App search tool offers powerful enrichment capabilities to enhance your prospecting efforts. Some of the enrichment capabilities include:

Email Address Enrichment: The tool can enrich email addresses by providing additional information such as whether the email is business or personal, its deliverability status, and whether it is safe to send.

Phone Number Enrichment: Clearout can validate and enrich phone numbers by providing details such as line type mobile, landline, etc., carrier information, country, and timezone.

Unstructured Data to Structured Data: The tool can convert unstructured data, such as names or job titles, into structured data, making it easier to organize and analyze.

Yes you can. There are two options to export the enriched prospect list. You can export the list in .CSV format, which is a common file format compatible with various spreadsheets across. Additionally, you can choose to export the list directly to Google Sheets.

Clearout's In-App search tool does not provide additional contact information beyond what is publicly available. It relies on the information that is already accessible and visible on various platforms, including LinkedIn. The tool helps you efficiently search and organize the available contact information, enrich it with valuable insights, and streamline your prospecting efforts. However, it does not access private or undisclosed contact details.

The prospect data provided by Clearout's In-App search tool is highly accurate and up to date, with real-time verification. Email addresses and phone numbers are verified with 98%+ accuracy, ensuring reliable information for your prospecting efforts.

Yes you can create, modify, delete, enrich and manage your prospects lists the way you want.

No, there is no limit on the number of searches or prospects you can access through Clearout's In-App search tool. However, the number of credits you have will determine the extent to which you can reveal and enrich the contact information of the prospects.

No, currently Clearout's In-App search tool does not integrate with other CRM or marketing automation platforms.

Yes, Clearout provides 24/7 customer support and free demos for users of the In-App search prospecting tool.

Clearout's In-App search tool is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, eliminating the need for extensive training. However, if you encounter any difficulties or have questions, our support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance and guidance.

To keep your account safe, we recommend staying below the following limits:

  • 150 prospects per day for a free LinkedIn account
  • 500 prospects per day for a premium LinkedIn account
  • 1000 prospects per day for a Sales Navigator search

Email Validation

Every email is primarily categorized as either Valid, Invalid, Unknown or Catch-All:

  • Valid - After a successful SMTP transaction, if receiving mail server accepts the email address, it will be marked Valid Email Address. Sending emails to the addresses which are marked as "Disposable" is not recommended, even though the email address is valid.
  • Invalid - An email address will be marked Invalid if it is syntactically incorrect or an email account does not exist on receiving mail server.
  • Unknown - Sometimes receiving mail server responds very slowly or may temporarily be unable to process requests.
  • Catch-All - A catch-all email address is an account that receives emails sent to any incorrect email addresses of the domain. When configured, emails sent to any email address associated with the domain should not bounce, but in some cases, it may reject later.

Depends on the freshness of the validated result, we can guarantee that more than 98%+ of "deliverable" email addresses won't bounce.

The "Unknown" status means both the possibilities exist: the email may be valid or invalid. This happens when the receiving server is not responding well. We recommend you to retry such emails after some time.

Sometimes receiving mail servers are configured such that it accepts all emails sent to any incorrect email addresses of the domain. This can be usually seen in business email addresses. When configured, emails sent to any email address associated with the domain should not bounce, but in some cases, it may reject later. That is why the safe to send flag is marked as risky. We do not recommend to send emails to “Catch-All" addresses or send it slowly with caution. Deliverability for such addresses is not guaranteed.

There are certain service providers that generate temporary email addresses for a short period of time, like a few hours to a few days. Such addresses are known as "Disposable Email Addresses". Generally, disposable emails are created to receive initial account activation or confirmation emails for sites like discussion forums, e-shopping etc. and dispose off automatically after a given time period. Sending emails to such addresses increases the bounce rate so it is not advisable to send emails to "Disposable Email Addresses".

Role-based email addresses are such emails that do not belong to individuals, but to a department, designation or company. The owner of Role-based addresses often changes. Further, the email may be forwarded to multiple recipients. Sending newsletters or campaign emails to such addresses may have a negative impact on your open rates or may lead to spam complaints. Hence, it is not recommended to send any promotional or marketing emails to Role addresses. Most email marketing services reject such role addresses.

Clearout detects if the email address is registered with one of the popular free email services, e.g. Google, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. This is important, because such addresses are typically personal email addresses, instead of work email addresses. Such addresses are safe to send emails to, but in many cases, engagement opportunities are higher with work email addresses than with personal email addresses.

Every incorrectly typed email address is a missed opportunity for marketers to connect with their customers and prospects. Clearout has an in-built autosuggestion feature which checks in real-time, if there is a typo. The autosuggestion will provide an alternative spelling which is more likely to be the correct email address. For example, if a user types the email address as "[email protected]", the corrected spelling "[email protected]" will be suggested.

All processing is done on Clearout servers, the user IP addresses and domains are not affected in any way by the Clearout service - absolutely no blacklisting risk for the IPs and domains.

No, it doesn't. Clearout employs DNS and SMTP protocol functionalities to perform email address validations and absolutely avoids sending any email message to external mail exchangers for delivery.

Our email verification tool allows a maximum of 3 requests per user at a time in queue, whether it is in queued state or running.

Depends on the freshness of the result. It is highly advisable to verify before triggering any mass email blast to minimize bounces, improve conversion rates and stay on the good side of ISPs and regulators.

Clearout email verification is 98%+ accurate, providing the best in breed standard for measuring verifications and endorsed by thousands of satisfied customers.

Yes, currently we are at 96% Accuracy compare to other domains.

Our algorithms have been specially designed to deliver the maximum possible accuracy by doing; Domain Validation, Syntax Verification, Spam-Trap Removal, and Duplication Removal to clean up and verify the email lists. Clearout checks MX records validity as well as carry out bounce processing.

Yes, you can upload a list of email addresses. Clearout can handle one million emails per list.

Yes, absolutely!!! A lot of our users use our real-time API to verify the email address at the time of capture itself. Learn more about it.

  • The real-time verification takes less than a second for almost all major free email service providers such as,,, which cover the maximum share of email population.
  • Clearout has optimised the turnaround time even for the business email addresses created out of G-Suite, Microsoft Exchange Servers and Yahoo businesses too.

The email addresses can be validated in the following ways:

  • Instant Validation: where you will get instant results within seconds.
  • Bulk Validation: where you can upload email list files up to 2GB which can have a maximum of 1 million emails per file.
  • Real-time Validation: where you can integrate Clearout API in any software to verify millions+ of email addresses in real-time.
  • Uploading as a CSV, and XLSX file are supported for bulk verification.

    It depends on the size of your file and the type of data in your file. Generally, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to finish the validation of 1 million email addresses.

    Yes. A gibberish check is conducted to ensure that random email addresses are identified and shown separately. For example, [email protected] doesn't qualify to pass the test.

    Because there is no standard method for determining gibberish, especially in the case of email addresses, many detection algorithms produce more false positives or false negatives, making it difficult to identify the genuine email address. Furthermore, despite the fact that the IETF makes no mention of it, it was difficult to avoid including strict mode gibberish detection in Clearout because all major email service providers accept nonsense as an email local component.

    Yes, here is how you can do it.

    The user can add the email address or a domain or multiple email addresses or domains from allowing or blocking to sign-up through their contact forms.The email address/domain can be added from "settings" from your account. The expiry date for the same can be selected by the user. On expiry, the email address or domain will be added to the normal validation process. Here are the steps.

    The user can check results in the “Activities” section. In case of blocklisted, the status will be "Invalid" and the safe-to-send will be "unknown," with the explanation "Email Address or Domain is Blocklisted" listed below. Whereas, if the domain is allowlisted, the status will be "Valid" and safe-to-send will be "unknown," with the rationale "Email Address or Domain is allowlisted" listed underneath.

    Below are the reasons why Clearout can't be 100% accurate with the claimed result:

    • Certain mail servers take a long time to propagate the email address state change. Performing validation against the mail server during this propagation period will lead to the wrong result.
    • Certain mail servers are protected behind the anti-spam firewall system, where the real status of the email address will be known only by sending an email to the address.
    • In case if the email address has forward rules configured, then the actual status of the email address won't be known, as it serves as a proxy.
    • Mail server configured for internal use and not following the standard mail protocols cannot be determined.
    • In case of certain Office 365 domains, the bounces cannot be identified without sending actual emails as the mail server responds that the account exists, but when trying to contact it bounces.

    Email Finder

    Clearout Email Finder gives you assured and highly accurate results in every scenario to make sure your business can bloom. We aim to offer maximum reach to your sales and marketing efforts which is why we never stop developing new useful features.

    Anyone who is looking for an customer's email address or building cold email lists must try it. Lead generation is a fundamental activity for every business and Clearout Email Finder helps do the same whilst protecting the domain from going bad by keeping bounce rate will be below 3%.

    Sure enough! Clearout wants our users to experience our awesome email finding service fully before they spend a single penny. Currently, Clearout offers 100 free credits which permits to find 25 email addresses.

    Clearout Confidence Score is an AI based percentile value that indicates the accuracy level with which the discovered email address matches with the lead in the query. Confidence score is determined in real-time by multiple moving variables and high-precision machine learning algorithms.

    Clearout Confidence Level is an email deliverability scale that indicates how good the discovered email addresses are for a list and how good the list can be for cold email outreach campaigns.

    We offer 100 credits for a free trial. You may purchase additional credits to continue.

    Credit determines the cost incurred for finding an email address. 4 credits will be charged for every successful email address found. Only 2 credits will be charged for every alternative email address found.

    Yes, this can be done using bulk finder. Just upload your .CSV sheet with the name of the customer and the company name/domain. Once the search is completed, the email addresses will be generated in the result file in bulk.

    There may be times when the email address may not be determined. This occurs in cases of bad input, domain not configured for mail server etc. You will not be charged if the result shows 'email not found'.

    No. Clearout is a SaaS product. Just log in and go for it!

    No, we do not charge any credits for duplicate email addresses found in the bulk email finder upload list.

    Yes, the reach of the email finder is not limited to professional domains. It covers free domains and B2B websites as well.

    The Email Finder uses the most extensive database of public email addresses to find the right contact information. All the email addresses go through an email verification before being returned. You can use Clearout's Email Verifier to check emails collected from other sources.

    The emails found are pre-verified, but with time the status of the email can change. In such cases, we advise re-verification using Clearout email verification to keep the status of the emails intact and avoid any bounces.

    Currently, we offer integration through API. Very soon we will be launching intgeration with Zapier.

    The collected emails are pre-verified, hence completely safe to send. This is applicable if the generated emails are put to use within a period of 2-3 days as the status of emails can change.

    The Email Finder is GDPR compliant. Even though the GDPR only applies to data from EU residents, we applied the requirements of the regulation broadly to the entire database.

    No. We are not involved in purchase or sale of any email lists.

    Feel free to contact on Live Chat or shoot us an email at [email protected].

    Team Account

    The credits purchased never expire.

    The daily limit resets at EoD based on the organization's timezone.


    • Verification and Result File Download: Yes
    • Owns The Accounts: Yes
    • Team Management: Yes
    • Credit Management Across Team and Members: Yes
    • Access to Members List: Yes
    • Buy Credits: Yes
    • Billing: Yes
    • Team Analytics: Yes


    • Verification and Result File Download: Yes
    • Owns The Accounts: Yes
    • Team Management: Yes
    • Credit Management Across Team and Members: Yes
    • Access to Members List: Yes
    • Buy Credits: No
    • Billing: No
    • Team Analytics: No


    • Verification and Result File Download: Yes
    • Owns The Accounts: Yes
    • Team Management: No
    • Credit Management Across Team and Members: No
    • Access to Members List: No
    • Buy Credits: No
    • Billing: No
    • Team Analytics: No

    For more information, please click here.



    The teams can be added with the following steps-

    • Login> Admin(Under "More" dropdown)> Teams
    • Click on 'Create Team', Provide the following details in the pop-up
    • 1. Name for the team
      2. Description (optional)
    • Click on 'Create Team' in the pop-up

    The member can be added in the team with the following steps

    • Login> Admin(Under "More" dropdown)> Members
    • Select the 'members' you want to add by clicking on the check-box
    • Once the members are selected click on 'Add to Team'
    • Select the 'Team' from the drop-down showing multiple teams created by you

    A member can be enabled/disabled by the following steps:

    • Login> Admin(Under "More" dropdown)> Members
    • In front of the respective member name, toggle the status to 'active' or 'inactive' to enable/disable the team member.

    A member can be deleted by:

    • Login> Admin(Under "More" dropdown)> Members
    • Select the respective member by checking the checkbox, Click on 'Delete' icon to permanently delete the member from your team

    The owner or/and manager can easily remove the member's of a team. Just

    • Login> Admin(Under "More" dropdown)> Teams
    • Click on 'Total Members' of the required list
    • Click on the 'X' sign under 'remove' column

    The owner or/and manager can easily edit the name and description of a team by following the below steps:

    • Login> Admin(Under "More" dropdown)> Teams
    • Click on the team name you want to edit under the 'Team' column
    • Provide the required name and description and click on 'Edit team'

    An 'Owner and/or 'Manager' can edit the credits by the following steps

    • Login> Admin(Under "More" dropdown)> Teams.
    • Click on the name of the member whose credit and/or limit you want to edit.
    • Under the heading “How many credits you like to assign?” you can increase or decrease the limit.
    • You can edit the 'Allowed Daily Limit' and 'Remaining Daily Limit' too.

    An 'Owner' and/or another 'Manager' can edit the credits of an 'Manager' by the following steps-

    • Login> Admin(Under "More" dropdown)> Teams
    • Click on the name of the member whose credit and/or limit you want to edit
    • Under the heading “How many credits you like to assign?” you can increase or decrease the limit.
    • You can edit the 'allowed daily limit' and 'remaining daily limit' too

    Any update in the 'Allowed Daily Limit' value will be applied at the start of the day following the day on which the change has been made.

    Any update in the 'Remaining Daily Limit' will be applied immediately and it will reset the 'Allowed Daily Limit' accordingly on the start of the following day.


    Has access to view all file of his organization but can download only his files.


    Has access to view all file of his team but can download only his files.


    Has access to view and download only the email lists uploaded by the concerned executive.


    Business critical KPI's can be effectively achieved with our detailed performance stats based on the verification. This is how we calculate the performance stats:

    • Total Verified - Total number of emails- number of emails categorized 'unknown'.
    • Bounce Detection Rate - number of invalid emails/number of valid and invalid emails*100.
    • Estimated Cost Saved is the heuristic way of determining cost incurred for sending emails without our validation, this involves multiple factors to find the actual cost saved.

    Our email verification tool provides valuable insights for your verified email list:

    • Duplicate - number of duplicate emails in the list.
    • Syntax - number of emails with syntax error in the list.
    • Disposable - number of emails from disposable email providers in the list.
    • Free Account - number of Free Account emails in the list.
    • Role Account - number of role-based emails in the list.

    Even though the address is valid, the chances of hitting the user inbox may change based on the based on the safe-to-send value.

    Email deliverability is the foundation of a successful email marketing program, a low rate of which indicates a weak strategy. We understand the importance of high email deliverability that's why we back up our verification results with a 97% deliverability rate guarantee. In other words, we guarantee that the bounce rate will not exceed 3% in case of messages sent to email addresses classified as Guaranteed Deliverables after verification by Clearout.

    In order to fall under the 97% guaranteed rate deliverability, the following criteria should be met:

    • Email address should be stated as Guaranteed Deliverable after undergoing a Clearout verification procedure.
    • Email messages must be sent within 24 hours from the time of verification.
    • Email addresses must have been acquired by the Opt-in process only. Email addresses acquired by purchased or rented lists are not covered under this guarantee.
    • Free service providers such as Yahoo, AOL will not be covered.
    • Bounces resulting from technical issues, sender reputation being poor, recipient server reaching maximum receiving capacity, mail server being improperly configured, server not being available, or the recipient has specifically banned the sender's email identity, delivery blocked due to internal rules, etc. won't qualify for this guarantee.
    Click here to learn more.

    Credits & Payment

    After successful sign up, you receive 100 free credits to explore our email verification/Email Finder/Prospect/Reverse Look-up services. Simply create an account, and the credits will be added automatically. You can then upload your email list for verification, find email or build your prospect list and see our tool in action. Once the free credits are used, you can choose to purchase additional credits as needed.

    Credits acquired through one-time purchases or subscription plans have lifetime validity and will never expire. However, discounted credits may come with an expiry date, subject to the terms of the specific deal.

    Based on enrichment findings per lead, the credit charges for leads will be categorized into email and phone number as follows: 4 credits for a work email, 4 credits for a personal email, and 2 credits for a phone number.

    Clearout accepts all major debit and credit cards. Our payment gateways meet all the updated security standards.

    Sufficient credit should be available in the account to start verification.

    If credits fall short during verification, the verification will still complete, and required credits can be purchased during the download.

    Our platform is 100% secure as it is powered by STRIPE, one of the best software platform for online payments, and is certified A+ by Quality SSL Labs.

    No, you can sign up and use Clearout without a credit/debit card. It is only required when you are ready to buy credits.

    Yes, there is! If you are a student or your company is a nonprofit or a start-up. Please contact our sales team to find out more [email protected].

    Any valid, invalid or catch-all email address is considered as a billable email. Duplicate emails and the once that are unable to be determined due to timeout or no response from mail exchange are not billable and the credits will not be deducted for those.

    Plans & Pricing

    Keeping in mind the different requirements of the users, we provide the following prepaid plans:

    • One-Time/Pay As You Go - Add credits to your account anytime by making a one-time payment. View the prices here.
    • Monthly subscription - Pay a fixed amount once each month and we add credits to your account automatically. View the prices here.
    • Annually subscription - Pay a fixed amount once a year and we add credits to your account automatically. View the prices here.

    A customer can expect multiple benefits:

    • Discounts upto 20%.
    • The credits are carried forward and never expire.
    • Automated addition of credits in the user's account.
    • Facility to upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime.

    The existing customers will be treated as a part of the 'One-Time/Pay As You Go' plan unless they subscribe to any other plan. They can go ahead with subscribing to the plan that suits them the best.

    In all subscription plans, the credits get carried forward and never expire.

    More credits can be added anytime by upgrading the subscription plan or by making a one-time payment.

    The current plan can be upgraded or downgraded at any time to better suit your needs with the flexible options such as:

    • Upgrade/Downgrade Within the Current Plan: Adjust your plan at any time to fit your changing needs.
    • Switch Between Monthly and Annual Plans: Easily move from a monthly to an annual plan or vice versa as required.

    To make a change, simply cancel your existing plan and subscribe to the new plan you desire. This ensures that you have the most suitable plan for your requirements at all times.

    In case of any kind of switching, from a lower to a higher plan or higher to a lower plan, the user needs to pay the subscription amount in full. The subscription plans do not carry the option for a refund.

    Billing for different plans -

    • One-Time/Pay As You Go: The bill will be generated at the time of purchase.
    • Monthly subscription: The bill will be generated monthly from the date of subscription.
    • Annually subscription: The bill will be generated annually from the date of subscription.

    You may email us at [email protected] for custom subscription plans.

    You can cancel your subscription from your plan section. Please click here to navigate to your plan section.

    Privacy & Compliance

    Clearout is a SaaS tool operating according to EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR standards.

    Clearout does not process or store email addresses for any purpose other than validation.

    Clearout does not share our client data with any third party at any time.

    Yes, our service is fully compliant with the GDPR.

    No, never. No one other than you has access to your data/email lists.

    No, we don't.

    Every data is highly secure with us, as we take security and confidentiality seriously. We know that the email lists are confidential and we do everything we can to make sure that they stay that way! Also, your data is never stored in our system for more than 30 days and if requested it will be removed immediately after processing. Once you finish using our system, all related to your account will be erased in a maximum of 30 days. Also, the information you share with us for payment purposes is encrypted and it is stored in a military grade secure system. We also go out of our way to protect your data and we developed advanced defense mechanisms against misuse, loss, unauthorized access, and improper disclosure. We want to provide the same security that we would want for ourselves. Our customers feel safe knowing that the best email verification service is also the most secure.

    To delete your account on Clearout, please navigate here. Follow the prompts or instructions provided to initiate the account deletion process. Please note that you may need to confirm your decision to delete the account, and any associated data may be permanently removed. If you encounter any difficulties or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for guidance.


    Feel free to contact on Live Chat or shoot us an email at [email protected]