Team Account

Manage Your Team With Single Log-In

Multi-User Accounts

Divide the Tasks to Multiply the Success!

Successful marketing is all about team effort. Clearout admin panel allows you to let and sub-let the account access amongst multiple users.

1. Assign specific roles and get quicker execution

There are 3 different roles based on which the teams can be created

Verification and Result File DownloadYesYesYes
Owns The AccountsYesYesNo
Team ManagementYesYesNo
Credit Management Across Team and MembersYesYesNo
Access to Members ListYesYesNo
Buy CreditsYesNoNo

2. Let and sublet the credits

The credits can be distributed among the members of different teams.

3. Real-time statistics

A quick view of statistics both team-wise and member-wise for quick judgments and better decision making.

When does the daily limit reset?
The daily limit resets at EoD based on the organization's timezone.
Will the organizational dashboard be any different?
For the Owner:

For the Manager

For the Executive

How do I create teams?
The teams can be added with the following steps-

How do I add members in the team?
The member can be added in the team with the following steps-

Can I remove the individual members once they are added?
A member cannot be deleted but can be enabled/disabled by the following steps-

Can the member(s) be removed from a team?
The owner or/and manager can easily remove the member(s) of a team. Just

Can I edit the team name and description?
The owner or/and manager can easily edit the name and description of a team. Just

How to edit the members’ credits/limits?
An ‘Owner and/or ‘Manager’ can edit the credits by the following steps-

How to edit the Manager’ credits/limits?
An ‘Owner’ and/or another ‘Manager’ can edit the credits of an ‘Manager' by the following steps-

Any update in the ‘Allowed Daily Limit’ takes place immediately?
Any update in the ‘Allowed Daily Limit’ value will be applied at the start of the day following the day on which the change has been made.
Any update in the ‘Remaining Daily Limit’ takes place immediately
Any update in the ‘Remaining Daily Limit’ will be applied immediately and it will reset the ‘Allowed Daily Limit’ accordingly on the start of the following day.
Who all has access to view/download the email list data?


Has access to view and download all the files uploaded in the Admin panel.


Has access to view and download all running and queued files of the team.


Has access to view and download only the email lists uploaded by the concerned executive.