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Features That Define Our Actions

Accurate Result

Accurate Result

The more you know, the better you are. We give 98%+ clear-cut results to keep your sender reputation.
Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

Relax, we’ve scaled up exactly for what’s in your wallet. We make it simply transparent for every single penny!
Accelerated Turnaround

Accelerated Turnaround

From an incorrect spell check to mail server verification, we’ve got the fastest turnaround that makes it worth.
Anywhere on Any Device

Guaranteed Email Deliverability

We adopt the best practices for email verification and back up our verification results with email deliverability guarantee rate.

Validation Checks That Define The Accuracy!

Shake Up The Status Quo: Unlock your prospective customer's email addresses with our 20+ refined validation checks you can bank on

Greylisting Verification

Our cutting-edge anti greylisting technique can determine the real status of email address without compromising on the turnaround time

Catch-All Verification

Identify the catch-all type addresses to avoid emailing thereby improving the overall deliverability hygiene

Syntax Validation

Fully cleans your email list by conforming invalid syntax to the standard format

Blacklist Verification

This email tester will check against known DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs to stay a step away from the honeypot

Yahoo, AOL Validation

Provides highest industry mail performance ratios for Yahoo and AOL with 96%+ accuracy

Gibberish Check

Identifying and calling attention towards random email addresses.

Remove Sub address

Normalizes sub address from the Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/ iCloud to avoid multiple email addresses pointing to the same inbox

Auto Suggestion

Eliminates spelling errors and typos in the email addresses by auto-suggesting

Duplicate Removing

Removes all duplicate email addresses automatically and it comes free of cost

Disposable Email Verification

Verifies the email addresses to check if it is from a disposable email provider

Extended SMTP Validation

Verifies SMTP providers for every email address to determine the active mail servers

Spam Trap Detection

Multi-layered algorithm determining chances of an email address to be a spam trap!

Domain Verification

Checks for the successful network connection to the mail server domain

MX Record Verification

Validates priority based MX records for available Mail Exchange servers to know the mailbox status

Mailbox Quota Verification

Verifies the mailbox to ensure it accepts new emails

Mailbox Error Verification

Verifies all kind of mailbox errors without sending any payload to the given email address

Deliverability Score

Get the deliverability score for every address for better email deliverability

Role Account Verification

Identifies all role-based email addresses like admin, support or sales from the list

Verification Time Taken

Measures the response time for every email address by a simple open relay check

Verification Timestamp

Clearout email verifier lets you know when the email address in your list got verified for your better understanding

Free Account Verification

Checks whether the email addresses are using free services such as Gmail and Hotmail or not

Email Finder

The fastest and most accurate email extracting tool is here!

Clearout email finder allows a variety of ways to find email addresses: by domain, by company name, by person’s name and company’s domain, through API, individually and in bulk.
Get assured results, backed with confidence scores to strengthen your email marketing strategies. A go-to solution when it comes to growing your business.

Instant or Quick Email Verification

Take the guesswork out and verify the email address instantly!

An instant verification process is a quick way of validating email addresses in real-time without waiting in the queue. Copy and paste the email addresses directly from your list to clean them quickly and effortlessly with this email tester.

Bulk Email List Verification / Validation

Unlock your prospective customer's email addresses from your bulk list, on a single click!

This bulk email verifier enables you to upload the email database & clean up your email list with just a single click. Without any doubt, you will get 98%+ accurate results with detailed stats to know the spam traps, hard bounces, soft bounces, disposable, catch-all and lot more. Bulk email verification feature will support batch files in CSV or XLSX format to give you the flexibility. Also, you can download the verified result along with the original file or by appending the selected field from the Clearout result file.
96%+ Accuracy rates on AOL, Yahoo

Efficient Services With Certified Accreditation is a leader in Email Verification on G2 is a leader in Email Verification on G2

Data Security

Leading the way in security, we secure the entire transmission using 256-bit SSL protocol to protect your data. In addition to data encryption in transit and at rest, we process the data under the rules of our privacy policy with an access control mechanism. We do not entertain user data for any purpose other than validation.


  • Logic Inbound Hayk Saakian, Cofounder and COO

    After trying Clearout email tester, I almost never see any bounces or failed deliveries and our open rate is as high as 82% sometimes because the quality of our list is so good now. The "guaranteed deliverables" feature gives us a lot of confidence in Clearout as a product.

  • Pearl Lemon Deepak, Founder

    Clearout email verifier has proven to be an excellent resource to help us clean emails, as a lead generation agency. Increasing our deliverability by 23%, it’s now part of our ‘go-to’ tool stack for outreach campaigns.

  • SigParser Paul Mendoza, Co-founder

    It works amazingly well at validating email addresses with great API and support. It was able to identify about 10% of the invalid contacts in our database. There are other products for email verification but Clearout by far has the best price and easiest to use.

  • YEAH! Local Justin Herring, Co-Founder

    I had been looking at Clearout to purchase but without an ActiveCampaign integration, I was going to have to use Zapier and just didn't want the hassle. I reached out through their chat and asked when this integration and I got an email this morning from Clearout support stating the integration is now up and running for ActiveCampaign. Purchased it immediately and have already cleaned all my lists. That is some serious customer support!

  • HAMMER PUBLISHERS PVT. LTD. Sanjay Anand, Director

    Clearout is a great way to protect your sender reputation in email marketing. It detects and removes abuses, spam traps, invalid emails and toxic and catch-all domains. Clearout is fast and an easy to use email validator. Price Comparison is WORTH mentioning if you compare it with Zerobounce or Neverbounce. Clearout clearly stands out.

  • Yusuf Rangwala freelancer on upwork

    I came across Clearout email tester by chance and found it to be the most cost-effective & user-friendly interface to use! I compared the effectiveness of email verification with other tools in the market and surely I could find the difference in quality.

  • Craig Brown Designer, Foxie Web Design

    Clearout is a useful software, I was sent a client contacts list for a newsletter campaign that I could not verify on MailChimp, and worst of all, MailChimp's Omnivore system won’t tell you which emails MailChimp views as high risk. This guessing game could have earned up hours or days… without an email verification system like Clearout.

  • Carol Rycraft Founder, Rycraft Consultants

    I had no clue about email verification & was on the verge of giving up when I came in touch with the EXTRAORDINARY support system of Clearout. Not only did they answer all my questions with the utmost clarity, but they also gave me an online demonstration of how to go step by step. I cleaned 3 lists while on a Zoom call with them. A good team and a great product!

API For Developers

Simple REST API for instant and bulk email validation that can be seamlessly integrated with all programming languages

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