Apollo + Clearout Email Verification

One aspect that you don't want to miss on your Apollo campaign results is Clearout Email verification,

Just do it in 3 simple steps.

No Credit Card Required

Why should you validate your Apollo list with Clearout Email Verifier?

Reduce bounce rates, boost deliverability, and be confident your emails are landing into inbox. This Apollo Email verification integration helps ensure the contacts you are collecting with Apollo are valid, which improves data quality and the health of your database.

Connect your Apollo account to Clearout

After logging in to your Clearout account, Go to the Integration page and select Apollo. Click on "Connect to Apollo" to add your Apollo account. A pop-up will be displayed asking for Account Name & API key. You can find these details in your Apollo account under the "Integrations" tab in Settings. Under Integration, Select the "API" option to copy the Master Key. Once you feed in the Account Name and API Key details in Clearout, Click on the "Add Account" button.

If you already have an Apollo account integrated with Clearout, Click on Apollo to see the contact list.

Note: The user will be able to add numerous Apollo accounts to their account.

Importing a list from your Apollo account

Keep the email lists clean by easily adding them from the Apollo account.

After the successful login, select the email list from the existing Apollo list. Then click on "Import" to proceed the audience list validations.

Verify your list & opt-out bad emails from your Apollo account while Exporting

"After the list has been added successfully, click "Verify" to begin validating the Apollo list.

The user can opt to export the confirmed email list to their Apollo account once the email validation is done. The result may be exported and the Clearout columns can be appended to the original file in the Apollo account". Once the export is completed, Clearout sends an export success email to the user.

Apollo List Export Failure Due to API Limit

❌   You might face the issue of Apollo list export failure due to API limit, if your existing plan doesn't support it.

✔️   There is an alternative to upgrading your Apollo.io plan :
Step 1: Download the verified result file from Clearout.

Step 2: Upload the .csv file into Apollo.

Refer to this link for more information

That's it and you are done without having the need to upgrade your Apollo.io current plan.

Goto Apollo 'List', Click on 'More Filters' & Navigate to 'Custom Fields' to select the required Clearout Columns

Using the Apollo rule engine, you may automate this procedure as well. For each verified email list, go to settings, then rule engine, and configure the same procedures as an automatic job.

You get to see various Clearout columns & you can pick the ones as required, We recommend choosing "safe to send" for highest deliverability rate or the one's categorised under the status "Valid" :

Clearout Verification Status

Every email is primarily categorized as either Valid, Invalid, Unknown or Catch-All.

Valid: The email address will be declared Valid Email Address after a successful SMTP transaction if the recipient mail server accepts it. Even if the email address is real, sending emails to addresses tagged as "Disposable" is not advised.

Invalid: An email address is marked Invalid if it's syntactically wrong, or if an email account doesn't exist on the receiving mail server.

Unknown: The receiving mail server may reply slowly or be momentarily unable to handle queries at times. Those email addresses have a "unknown" status, which can be revalidated after some time.

Catch-All: An email address that accepts all messages sent to that address and never bounces them back.

Clearout Safe to send: Clearout identifies high-quality email addresses using an advanced level screening mechanism, resulting in greater deliverability and open rates for your emails. We highly advise sending emails in bulk within a 24-hour time frame using email addresses with a deliverability score of 1.

Clearout Disposable: Certain service providers generate temporary email addresses for a limited duration, such as a few hours to a few days. "Disposable Email Addresses" are the term for such addresses. Sending emails to such addresses increases the bounce rate, hence sending emails to "Disposable Email Addresses" is not recommended.

Get more information about other Clearout statuses from our Help Page.
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