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Create, Store and Leverage 360-Degree Customer Profiles to Increase Marketing and Sales Results

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Discover & Connect with an Extensive Pool of Potential Leads

Cut down hours of research into minutes by discovering thousands of leads with accurate firmographic data with advanced B2B search.

List Building Made Easy!

Witness instant updates to your prospect list as you click on any search filter, eliminating waiting time and processing delays.

  • Prospects shown in real-time
  • Export as .CSV or Google Sheets
  • Custom Export Settings
  • Easy to use
A gif of Adding CSV file to Clearout's Bulk Email Finder to find email addresses
A gif of Adding CSV file to Clearout's Bulk Email Finder to find email addresses

Unlock Laser-Focused Targeting Potential

Empower your sales and marketing teams with accurate data and leverage diverse filters like location, industry, revenue, and size to achieve precise targeting and amplify sales performance.

  • 15+ comprehensive search criteria
  • Extensive data for both 'People' and 'Company'

Boost Engagement, Minimize Bounces

Reach out to B2B prospects with utmost accuracy, ensuring higher open rates and fewer bounces. Benefit from our 98%+ accuracy in prospect data.

  • Verified Email Addresses for reliable communication
  • Verified Phone Numbers for direct and effective outreach
  • Extensive coverage in 240+ countries for global Prospecting
A gif of Adding CSV file to Clearout's Bulk Email Finder to find email addresses
clearout prospect settings to enrich and export

Refine Enrichment Settings, Optimize Resources

Define the specific contact details for enrichment, ensuring that your efforts, time, credits, and other resources are exclusively allocated to those selections.

  • Choose Email Preferences: all emails, specific types, or only emails
  • Phone Preferences: all numbers, no numbers, or by line type
  • Applicable to both People and Company contacts.

Enrich Data to Transform Fragmented Leads into Sales

Leverage advanced data enrichment techniques to augment your prospect data with verified personalized information, enabling the creation of a comprehensive and tailored ideal customer profile.

Verified Personal Email Address
Verified Business Email Address
Contact Phone Number
Social Profiles
Company Name
Company Location
No. of Employees
Job Title

Frequently Asked Questions

Easily create a new prospect list by following these steps: Click on Prospect>Search>New. Utilize the filters to narrow down your search for target prospects, select desired prospects by ticking checkboxes, click Add to lists, start typing the desired list name, and click on "Create".

Add prospects to your existing list by selecting them from Prospect>Search>New. Click on Add to lists and choose the desired list from the dropdown.

Select People or Company based on the list to be modifed. Go to the List filter, choose the desired list, and view the prospects. Tick the checkboxes next to the Prospects to be deleted and click the delete icon next to Add my lists.

Enhance your list with enrichment by following these steps: Click on the Lists icon next to the Search icon to access all your created lists in one place. Locate the desired list and click the Enrich button. Sit back and let our tool work its magic as it enriches your list with valuable information.

The data provided by our prospecting tool is highly accurate and verified with a 98%+ accuracy rate. We take great care in ensuring that the information we enrich is reliable and up to date.

The time taken to enrich a Prospect list varies and depends on several factors. The duration is influenced by factors such as the volume of the list, the type of list company or people, and other variables. As a result, there is no fixed time frame for the enrichment process.

Enriched lists do not expire. You can export them at any time. However, prospect details can become outdated, requiring re-enrichment. Click the Enrich button to update the details.

There are two options to export the enriched prospect list. You can export the list in .CSV format, which is a common file format compatible with various spreadsheets across. Additionally, you can choose to export the list directly to Google Sheets. If you opt for Google Sheets export, the first time you export to Google Sheets, you'll be prompted to link your Gmail account for seamless integration. This allows you to conveniently access and manage your prospect list within your Google account.

No, you will not be charged for exporting the same list again after a certain duration. Charges are only applied when you choose to enrich the list again and there are updates to the enriched data of the Prospects. Exporting the same list multiple times without any changes to the data will not incur additional charges.

All the email addresses and phone numbers provided in the prospecting and enrichment results are Pre-Verified. Their verification status is available in the exported results, ensuring that you have reliable and valid contact information.

The frequency of list enrichment depends on your business needs, but it is generally recommended to periodically enrich your lists to maintain accuracy. Assessing data quality and considering factors like industry trends can help determine the appropriate frequency.

To quickly determine the status of prospect's email addresses and phone numbers in the app, we have implemented a color coordination system:

For Email Address:

  • Green indicates "Safe to Send" Yes
  • Blue indicates "Risky"
  • Red indicates "Invalid"

For Phone Number:

  • Green indicates "Valid"
  • Red indicates "Invalid"

Our prospecting tool provides over 15 search filters, offering you a wide range of options to refine your search criteria and target your desired prospects accurately.

No, there is no limit to the number of filters you can apply in a single search. You have the flexibility to use as many filters as needed to fine-tune your search criteria and precisely target your prospects.

Yes, you can save multiple filter combinations by clicking the Save icon in the 'Filter' section and giving them a name.

Currently this facility is not available.

Yes, we offer pre-built filter templates that are created and regularly updated based on the most trending filter combinations among our prospecting users. These templates are readily available on the Search Page, allowing you to conveniently select a relevant template before initiating a new search. These templates serve as a helpful starting point, saving you time and effort in setting up common prospecting scenarios.