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Looking for a Xverify Alternative?

Allow us to assist you in selecting one of Xverify's competitors. Here's a side-by-side comparison of Xverify and the best email verification - Clearout.

Clearout & Unique Features

Clearout executes 20+ validation checks on an email address in a 10 times faster turnaround time to provide 98%+ accuracy. Sort the Valid, the Invalid, and the Catch-All email addresses from your email list by dropping it into the Clearout dashboard or importing it from an ESP or CRM. Additionally, you may use our real-time API to validate email addresses within your application. With an accuracy rate of 96%+, Clearout also verifies email accounts from AOL, Yahoo, and Office 365.

What's More >> Enhanced Email Validation Checks

Our email validation and verification tool offers 20+ refined validation checks including Yahoo Account Verification, Catch-All Account Verification, Syntax Verification, Disposable Email Verification, Role-based Account Verification, Domain Verification, MX Validation, Greylisting Verification, Honeypots/Spam Trap, Remove Duplicate Emails, AOL Account Verification, API Verification Support, Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs, Free Account Verification.

Reduce your cost by more than 35%*

Verify 10,000 emails using Clearout for just $58 as opposed to paying $70 with Xverify. Customers may pick from a variety of options from Clearout, including Pay-as-you-go, monthly subscription, yearly subscription, and customized plans, depending on their needs. On the other hand, the pay-as-you-go approach is the only one where Xverify's exorbitant fees apply. Additional comparisons are shown below.

Clearout - Pricing

  $21 for 3000 Emails
  $350 for 100K Emails
  $1100 for 1M Emails
  Duplicate emails in the list are not charged
  98%+ Accuracy

Xverify - Pricing

  $30 for 3000 Emails
  $400 for 100K Emails
  $1500 for 1M Emails
  Duplicates are charged
  Accuracy is Unknown

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File Format For Validation

Clearout permits file upload and verification in the two main formats often used for data saving to prevent copy-pasting across different file formats. You may import and export data utilising the seamless integration we provide, to save yourself the trouble of uploading and downloading, or you can directly verify email databases on Google Sheets.

List File UploadCSV, XLSXCSV
Result File DownloadCSV, XLSXCSV

Advanced Features

With 98%+ Accuracy, We also provide extensive capabilities to maintain the sanitation of your email list, so you never have to think twice before checking your email list.

Gibberish CheckYesNo
Email Finder to Build Your ListYesNo
Guaranteed Deliverables97%+Undisclosed
Enterprise DeploymentYesNo
Optimize List Verification for  Highest AccuracyYesNo
Customise List Verification for  Fastest TurnaroundYesNo

Reviewing the services offered by Clearout & Xverify makes your decision easy

We have compiled the most comprehensive comparison between Clearout and Xverify service providers. Clearout surpasses in terms of pricing, features, and speed. Clearout's high-performing service speaks for itself.

Spam Trap DetectionYesNo
Free deduplicationYesNo
Advanced catch-all ResolverYesNo
Team accountYesNo
Google sheets Add-on for email verificationYesNo
WooCommerce Checkout Email Validation SupportYesNo
WordPress pluginYesNo
Data security: Unique key for each file uploaded in the system; military grade encryption algorithm to safeguard all files and personal information.YesUndisclosed
Email/Domain BlocklistingYesNo
Email/Domain AllowlistingYesNo
Integration with Sales intelligence platform Apollo.ioYesNo
Turn Around Time10 times fasterAverage
Wide array of Native IntegrationsYesLimited
24/7 SupportYesLimited
Accuracy Rate98%+Undisclosed
Money-Back GuaranteeYesUndisclosed
Javascript Widget SupportYesYes

Are You Prepared to Try Clearout?

We offer results that are on par with Xverify! Simply click to contact our customer support to get started. We'll make sure you succeed if you choose us as your Xverify alternative! Not everyone like trying new things, but it typically pays off. Creating a free Clearout account just takes a few seconds.

Clearout - Free Trial

  100 free credits on successful signup
  Credit card not required
  Verification Accuracy - 98%+

Xverify - Free Trial

  No free credits on successful signup
  Credit card required
  Verification Accuracy - Undisclosed

Trying new things is not fun for all, but it’s usually worth it. It will take less than a minute to create a free Clearout account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Clearout email verification service you get below advantages making it a better choice than Xverify:
  • 98%+ Accurate Results
  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Upto 50% Lower pricing
  • High Precision Advanced catch-All Resolver
  • Support for Yahoo + AOL verification
  • Team Account & Analytics to generate extensive reports
  • A powerful B2B Email Finder to create your own email list of ideal prospects
  • JavaScript Widget & WordPress plugin
  • Google Sheets Add-on for Email Verification
  • Spamtrap based scoring
  • List verification mode (Highest accuracy / Faster turnaround)

Upon registration, every user of Xverify receives 100 credits for free. One can use these credits for quick, bulk, and API validation as well.

There are several economical alternatives to Xverify, but Clearout is the best solution because it offers the most accurate & affordable email verification option that follows the growth of your business and doesn't deplete your marketing budget. The pricing is very competitive in the market, and it is around 35% cheaper than Xverify.

There are several great solutions that can be used as alternatives to Xverify such as Neverbounce, Zerobounce, Briteverify, Kickbox and Debounce, but Clearout is the best solution among them due to its Accuracy, Unique features, Affordability, user-friendliness and world class support.

Xverify is an email validation & verification tool designed to help organizations clean their email lists, reduce their email bounce rate and improve their reputation as senders.

Xverify email verification tool works to contact the domain's email server directly to identify if the username exists at the specified domain. This way, they prevent your emails from hitting hard bounces.

Yes, Xverify service is compliant with the GDPR.