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Let us help you decide why Clearout might be the best option for you over Zerobounce. Heres a detailed comparison between the two tools to assist you in making your decision.

Why choose Clearout over ZeroBounce

Accurate Disposable email detection: One significant advantage of using Clearout over Zerobounce is accuracy in disposable or temporary email detection. Due to Zerobounce’s infrequent updates, freshly introduced disposable domains might end up gathering junk data upon form submission or leave your CRM unclean.

Accurate Disposable email detection
Anti-Greylisting Support

Anti-Greylisting Support: Again, Zerobounce offers an anti-greylisting mechanism, but it will not be able to handle domains that take longer to resolve, whereas Clearout resolves it perfectly.

Advanced Catch-All Resolver: Zerobounce claims to offer catchall resolver, yet majority of the catchall domains are marked as catchall only, whereas Clearout can effectively identify the valids out of it.

Advanced Catch-All Resolver
Gibberish check

Gibberish check: Zerobounce doesn’t have a way to identify the Gibberish email addresses (eg:__yesh__&, 76moshy18& whereas Clearout can effectively identify Gibberish contacts in your database or at the point of capture.

Allowlist & Blocklist feature: Clearout supports blocklist and allowlist domains or email addresses, allowing certain emails/domains to be managed from being rejected or collected while bypassing any verification checks. This is also user-customizable, but Zerobounce does not provide this capability.

Allowlist & Blocklist feature

Email Validation Comparison: Clearout vs ZeroBounce

Price per 10,000 Email Verifications$58$80
Guaranteed DeliverablesYesNo
Turn Around Time10x FasterAverage
Advanced Catch-All ResolverYesNo
Accurate Disposable Email DetectionYesLimited
Anti-Greylisting SupportYesLimited
Gibberish CheckYesNo
Allowlist/Blocklist Email/DomainYesNo
Option to Cancel List Under VerificationYesNo
JavaScript Widget SupportYesNo
Chatbot Validation SupportYesNo
Dashboard AnalyticsYesNo
WordPress PluginYesYes
WooCommerce Email Validation SupportYesYes
24*7 Customer SupportYesYes
Money-Back Guarantee*YesYes
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Additional Features and Integration Benefits

Email Finder: Clearout offers a unique email finder tool that can be used to discover a person’s email address based on their name and company/domain information, whereas Zerobounce doesn’t offer an email list-building option.

Email Finder
Point of Capture Email Validation

Point of Capture Email Validation: Zerobounce offers an API way for real-time validation on forms/websites and limited WP plugin support for selected forms. Clearout, on the other hand, supports JavaScript widget, WP plugin with 23+ forms support & APIs that can be easily integrated into any data collection forms.

Google Sheets Add-on: While Zerobounce lacks this capability, Clearout offers add-on for Google Sheets that enables you to verify and validate email addresses directly on Google sheets.

Google Sheets Add-on
Size of Email List Upload

Size of Email List Upload: While Zerobounce supports CSV files with up to 500 columns of data and uploads of 1GB in size, Clearout does not have any file size limitations for bulk email verification.

Features & Integration Comparison: Clearout vs ZeroBounce

Email FinderYesNo
HubSpot forms Integration (JS widget)YesNo
Jotform native IntegrationYesNo IntegrationYesNo
Google Sheets Add-onYesNo
Optimize List Verification for Highest AccuracyYesNo
Customise List Verification for Fastest TurnaroundYesNo
Verification TimestampYesNo
Verification PeriodYesNo
Test Emails for IntegrationYesYes
Sample FilesYesYes
File Duplication CheckYesYes
GDPR & Data SecurityYesYes
npm ListingYesYes
Result File DownloadCSV, XLSXCSV

Cut down your cost by more than 35%*

Clearout allows you to validate up to 3000 email addresses for just $21, whilst Zerobounce allows you to make 3000 requests for $30. Thats one approach to substantially reduce your expenditures by using Clearout as a Zerobounce alternative! Let’s look at the pricing.

Clearout - Pricing

 $21 for 3000 Emails
 $350 for 100K Emails
 $1100 for 1M Emails
 Minimum verification purchase is $21 for 3000 credits. The credits never expire.

Zerobounce - Pricing

 $30 for 3000 Emails
 $425 for 100K Emails
 $2750 for 1M Emails
 Minimum verification purchase is $20 for 2000 credits. The credits never expire.

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We deliver comparable results to Zerobounce! Our customer service representatives are only a click away. If you choose us as your Zerobounce alternative, we will ensure your success!

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 Email Finder Feature to build Your List
 JS Widget & Google Sheets Add-on

Zerobounce - Free Trial

 100 Free Credits/month
 No Email Finder Feature
 Not Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

ZeroBounce is an email verification platform that helps businesses improve email deliverability.

ZeroBounce is 99% accurate as per their claim. However, there are always misses with catch-alls and disposables.

ZeroBounce works by analyzing email addresses in a list and performing various checks to determine their validity.

ZeroBounce's pricing ranges from $24 for 3000 emails to $2250 for 1 million emails. Clearout offers more cost-effective options, starting at $21 for 3000 emails and up to $1100 for 1 million emails, with improved email verification quality, making it a preferred alternative.

Clearout is the best ZeroBounce alternative, offering advanced email verification capabilities, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer support. While ZeroBounce is a reputable email validation service, Clearout stands out as an excellent alternative for users seeking superior features and reliable performance.