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Clearout Email Verifier Vs Hunter

Allowlist & Blocklist Feature: Clearout offers the Allowlist and Blocklist feature, where users can configure certain emails/domains to be rejected or accepted while bypassing any verification checks. Whereas, does not provide such capability.

Allowlist & Blocklist feature
Anti-Greylisting Support

Disposable & Spam-Traps: fails to detect disposable emails and spam traps being captured into your database, whereas Clearout is the best in the market to detect disposable emails and spam traps with the highest accuracy.

Limited Pricing Option: does not allow you to use verifier or finder individually. Instead, you’d have to buy a subscription package with a 30 days validity. Whereas, Clearout credits can be used as required and have lifetime validity.

Allowlist & Blocklist feature
Advanced Catch-all ValidationYesNo
Verification Speed10x FasterAverage
Free Domain VerificationYesNo
Disposable Email VerificationYesYes
Spamtrap VerificationYesNo
Real-Time Validation (Web Pages & Forms)JavaScript Widget & WordPress PluginNot available
Chatbot Validation SupportYesNo IntegrationYesNo
Pay-as-you-go & SubscriptionBothOnly Subscription
Credits ValidityLifetime30 days Only
File Type.xlxs, .csv.csv, .txt
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Advanced Features

Clearout also provides extensive capabilities to maintain a high-quality database and boost your email campaign’s ROI.

Guaranteed DeliverablesYesNo
Accuracy Rate98%+Undisclosed
Usage AnalyticsYesYes
Allowlist & Blocklist (Email & Domain)YesNo
Free DeduplicationYesYes
Language SupportYesNo
WooCommerce Email Validation SupportYesNo
Live Chat SupportYesNo
Gibberish CheckYesYes,Average

Clearout Email Finder Vs Hunter

Pre-Verified Results: Even though returns email addresses with a confidence score, they are not pre-verified. You would have to run it through the verifier again. But with Clearout, you get pre-verified email addresses along with a confidence score, and whether they are safe to send.

Allowlist & Blocklist feature
Anti-Greylisting Support

Catch-All Emails: assigns a high confidence score to catch-alls and does not resolve them as valid or safe-to-send, which can have a negative impact on your campaigns. Whereas, Clearout resolves catch-alls into valid and safe-to-send with an accurate score, guaranteeing a better campaign ROI.

Real-Time Results: obtains results from database lookup, which might be outdated and invalid. Whereas, Clearout generates results based on real-time search analysis. As a result, you can be confident that you are getting current, accurate data.

Allowlist & Blocklist feature
Precise Confidence ScoringYesNo
Pre-Verified ResultsYesNo, Re-verification needed
Catch-All ScoringYes, AI based scoringScored high, likely to bounce
Real Time Email SearchesYesNo, Performs database look-up
Team AccountYesYes
Starting Price$21 for 3000 credits$49/month for starter plan

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