Forminator Forms + Clearout Integration

Take advantage of Clearout’s integration with Forminator Forms to capture quality leads on real-time.

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Why should you validate your Forminator form leads with Clearout?

Are your online forms collecting leads that are temporary, disposable, gibberish, role-based, or mistyped? Upgrade the quality of leads by identifying and removing such invalid email addresses at the time of lead capture on your Forminator Forms with the help of the Clearout Email Validator Plugin!

There are two ways to Integrate:

1. Directly through WordPress Plugin
2. Using Javascript Widget on the form

Method 1: Integrate using Clearout WordPress Plugin

STEP 1: Log in to your Clearout account, navigate to the ‘App’ button, Create a Clearout Client App by Choosing Server, name your app then click Create.

You’ll see the API token. Copy it, then go back to your WordPress site.

STEP 2: Set up the Clearout Email Validator plugin. Go to your dashboard Settings --> Clearout Email Validator (make sure you’ve activated the plugin) paste your API token.
By default, the plugin will block role-based addresses, disposable addresses. You can allow either or both by choosing the checkboxes in the settings. Another setting that you can do is accept only business addresses, which will override all the other settings.
Click the ‘Apply’ button after settings.

Next, if you scroll down, you will be able to find the 'Apply Validation' block as shown below, where you can choose the ‘Select Hooks→ is_email’ checkbox & click on the ‘Apply’ button so that it will be included in the validation to happen.

That’s it! Now if you test your form, it will no longer accept invalid email addresses.

Method 2: Integrate Using Clearout Javascript Widget

Embedding Clearout’s JavaScript Widget in Forminator forms can detect disposable, Invalids & such bad email addresses in real-time, upgrading the quality of leads and turning your email lists into an army of raving, engaged super-fans!

STEP 1: To begin with, Create a Clearout Client App to get Clearout JS Widget for the Forminator form.

STEP 2: Copy the Javascript code & move to the WordPress site →All pages section. Select the form where you want to embed the code.

STEP 3: Create a code block--> Paste the Javascript code & Click on Update.

Shown below is an example of a Forminator form integrated with Clearout. An invalid Gmail address has been identified in real-time, giving the message ‘Please enter a valid email address.’

Try this effortless integration to ensure quality lead submissions!

No Credit Card Required