EasySendy + Clearout Integration

Take advantage of EasySendy + Clearout email verification integration to clean the email list.

No Credit Card Required

Why Should You Validate Your EasySendy Email List?

Reduce bounce rates, boost deliverability, and be confident your emails are landing into inbox. Seamlessly integrated on the EasySendy platform, Clearout helps to ensure that the Invalid, disposable, Spam-trap, fake and other bad email addresses are filtered out from your list before you hit send.

How to Verify emails in EasySendy in just 4 Simple Steps

1. Login to Clearout Account and create your API token.Copy the Server API token once it created.
How to Create API token--> Go to Apps and choose Create App option and create Server API Token.

2. Now login to your EasySendy account and Go to the “Email verification” option in the left menu
and choose the “Providers” option.

3. Choose the email verification provider as Clearout and Go to the “view settings” option.

4. Now you will be able to see the settings for the “Clearout” platform.

5. Enable the Clearout provider as YES. Then add the copied API token
Now choose the “check zones” when exactly you want to run the Clearout and click on “Save changes“.

Start with Clearout for the Best Accuracy and ROI