Mailchimp + Clearout Email Validation

Take advantage of Mailchimp email validation integration with Clearout to clean the email list (contact list) from one or more Mailchimp account.

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Why Should You Validate Your Mailchimp Email List?

Reduce bounce rates, boost deliverability, and be confident your emails are landing into inbox. This Mailchimp Email validation integration with Clearout helps ensure the bad and the fake email addresses are filtered out from your list, before you hit send. You can securely import/export data between the two platforms using the integration.

How to Verify emails in Mailchimp in just 4 Simple Steps

1. Connect account

Once logged into Clearout, click on the Integration at the top right. This will direct to integrations, there click on Mailchimp. Then login to the MailChimp account by entering the credentials.

If the Mailchimp account is already connected: Click on the MailChimp integration to see the list of the audience.

Note: The user can able to add multiple Mailchimp accounts.

2. Add the email lists

Keep the email address lists clean by easily adding them from the MailChimp account.

After the successful login, select the email list from the existing MailChimp audience list. Then click on "Import" to proceed the audience list validations.

3. Verify the email address list

Once the email list is successfully added, click on the "Verify"
to start validating the added Mailchimp list.

4. Export the verified results

Once the email validation is completed, the user can choose how to export the verified list to the Mailchimp account. The user can export the result by choosing to unsubscribe or append else by selecting both.

Unsubscribe:User can unsubscribe the invalid/non-deliverable email addresses on the Mailchimp list automatically which removes all the non-deliverables from the mailing list.

Append: User can export the result and append the Clearout columns with the original file in the Mailchimp account.

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