Ninja Forms + Clearout Email Validation

Take advantage of Ninja Forms email verification integration with Clearout to clean the email list

No Credit Card Required

Why should you validate your Ninja form leads with Clearout?

Have you been receiving form entries with temporary or invalid email addresses? Avoid such bad and invalid email leads at the time of capture on your Ninja forms with the help of Clearout Email Validator!

Using Clearout WordPress plugin in Ninja forms can detect and reject :

💡 Misspelled and other invalid email addresses
💡 Temporary, disposable or throwaway emails that cause bounces
💡 Spam traps, which can damage your sender reputation and can get you blacklisted
💡 Gibberish emails which are random email addresses created by spammers usually
💡 Role-based email addresses that have low value to your sales and marketing

Steps to integrate Ninja Forms with Clearout WordPress Plugin

STEP 1: Log in to your Clearout account, navigate to the ‘App’ button, Create a Clearout Client App by Choosing Server, name your app then click Create.

You’ll see the API token. Copy it, then go back to your WordPress site.

STEP 2: Set up the Clearout Email Validator plugin. Go to your form Settings > Clearout Email Validator (make sure you’ve activated the plugin) paste your API token.

By default, the plugin will block role-based addresses, disposable addresses. You can allow either or both by choosing the checkboxes in the settings. Another setting that you can do is accept only business addresses, which will override all the other settings

STEP 3: Next, if you scroll down, You will be able to find the 'Apply Validation' block as shown below, where you can choose 'Ninja Forms' so that it will be included for the validation to happen.

That’s it! Now if you test your form, it will no longer accept invalid email addresses. Shown below is an example of a Ninja form integrated with Clearout Email Validator. A Gmail address with a typing error has been identified in real-time as invalid, giving the message ‘This email address is invalid or not allowed – please check.’

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an API token and where can I get it?
API token is a unique representation of your access to Clearout Email Validation Service.
The API token can be created or obtained by creating a ‘Server’ App from Apps menu.
What is a credit?
A credit represents the successful validation for a single email address. The trial account comes with 100 FREE credits. Additional credits can be purchased anytime and the credits will never expire.
How to opt out of the Clearout Email Validation on a specific form?
Clearout Email Validation is enabled by default on all forms on the website. If it is necessary to skip validation on a given form, it must be handled as mentioned below.
* Ensure to enable Developer mode for your ninja form builder
* Open the form in Form editor that does not require the Clearout Email Validation
* Open the Email field setting and under ADMINISTRATION option enter the key value prefixed with ‘clearout_skip_validation’ for the field key
and save the changes.
Which Clearout status will be considered as a “valid” email address?
Clearout status other than “invalid” will be considered as “valid” email address and the form submission will be allowed. Also, by default, the email address of “disposable” or “role” will be considered as “invalid.” These settings can be changed in the plugin settings.