Connect Clearout and to Automate Email Verification

Automate the removal of dead emails from your projects to skyrocket your open rates and engage with active customers.

1.Connect with

Ensure you have active accounts on both the platforms.
  • Login to account
  • From profile dropdown select Integrations-->Monitoring--> ‘Clearout’
  • Click on ‘Show API token’ and save the Clearout API key

2. Where to get Clearout API key?

  • Login to your Clearout account
  • Click on 'Create App' and select 'Server'. Give a suitable name to the token and click on 'Create'
  • Copy and paste the same in ‘Show API token’ in the account

3. How to proceed?

  • Select the project & segments for which the contacts have to be verified
  • Next, click on ‘Save and Run Now’ for email verification to begin
  • Within a few minutes, the contacts will be verified and segregated as ‘Clean emails’ and ‘Failed emails’ in the ‘history’ section
You can automate email verification for desired projects. Just define a time-period ( Daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and select the ‘Automate it’ option.

Here is a demo video on of how to connect with Clearout -