Top Email Verification Services & Tools Compared (Updated 2022)

If you’re running a real business, email is still the most effective way to reach out to people who may have an interest in your product or the ones who have already shown such interest in your product or site.

More than 34% of people worldwide still rely on emails for marketing and sales, which brings it close to 2.5 billion people. But, the foremost requirement for successful marketing through emails is to have a strong email list holding leads that bring in a high conversion rate. There are multiple email scraping tools available in the market to procure such email lists. With such tools, one can easily target and send required advertisements to the customers/clients who are interested in the product/services of the company.

Next, email marketing requires a surety that you are actually landing up in the inbox of the audience waiting out for you. For this, you require an email validation tool or let’s say an email verification service that is swift, affordable, easy to use and provides a high level of accuracy.

There are a number of email list cleaning services present in the market to add on to your confusion. Worry not! We, the members of Clearout (an email validation tool) are here to help you by giving a complete comparison between the top email verification tools & services present in the email marketing business.

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Top 10 Email Verification And Validation Services

Why Is Email Verification Important?

Email Verification is a process that identifies those email addresses that are operated by real people. You would have come across emails that don't get delivered but instead you receive mail delivery failure message. This happens when your email hits an invalid or inactive email address. When you send emails to invalid email ids then you run multiple risks involving poor sender reputation, drop in ROI and domain blacklisting. Email verification process runs the email data through various stages of validation to valid email addresses that will receive email communications.

Email List Cleaning: Major Benefits

Many marketers consider sending an email to a mass audience productive. But that is a false notion. The success of email marketing does not depend on how many emails you have sent. Instead, the real evaluation should depend on the number of emails sent to valid addresses. The major benefits of email verification include:

1. It helps you to reduce email bounce rate
2. Improves the email deliverability
3. Reduces the email marketing cost
4. Improves the email open rate
5. Protects sender reputation
6. Gives you higher ROI

What You Should Look For In An Email Verification Service:

There are a number of email verification tools available in the market. You might find a difference in the result which arises due to the difference in verification steps considered by respective tools. Before choosing a specific tool you should ensure that the following requirements are taken care of:

Why Choose A Cloud Email Verification Service and Not A Downloadable Software

Cloud Email verification is an evolving and comprehensive platform which is considered better than downloadable software. Some of the advantages of cloud email verification service over downloadable email list cleaning software are highlighted below-

How Is Email Verification Done

List Of Top Email Validation And Verification Tools 2022

1) Clearout - Email Validation, Verification & Email Finder Service

Clearout email verification and validation tool provides 98%+ accuracy and more than 20+ refined validation checks to conclude the status of every email address in your data. The key features of Clearout’s email list cleaning service are syntax validation, disposable email detection, gibberish check, domain check, risk verification, duplication removal and catch-all type addresses identification.

The ways in which email verification can be carried out

1. Bulk Validation - Upload your email list, in either .csv or .xlsx format, or import it from the ESP/CRM in use. Once the email data is verified it can be downloaded in the desired format or directly exported to the tool in use.

2. Quick validation - To get instant results! Once you have created an account, just go to quick validation, enter the email addresses you want to verify and click on 'Validate'. Maximum 10 email addresses are allowed per validation.

3. Real-time validation (API integration) - Clearout's API can be integrated into your web applications to verify email addresses at the point of capture in real-time.

The verification results are backed up with a 97% deliverability rate guarantee. In other words, when you verify your email addresses with Clearout, we guarantee that the bounce rate will not be more than 3% in case of messages sent to “Guaranteed Deliverable” email addresses or the flag Safe-to-Send set as "Yes"

Clearout allows seamless integration with top ESPs & CRM’s like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Moosend, Hubspot to name a few. It even integrates with automation platforms like Zapier and Integromat which further lets you connect with thousands of applications.

NOTE: Not having enough leads to enlarge your business? Use Clearout Email Finder to create your own list of pre-verified ideal prospects with just the name of the prospect and the domain/company name. Try now .

Exclusive features of Clearout:

1. Availability as a WordPress Plugin that can be allowed for real-time validation on any forms created using WordPress

2. Availability as a Google Sheets Add-on that allows the user to verify emails directly on Google Sheets.

3. JavaScript Widget that allows email verification at the point of lead capture with no coding.

4. Email Finder to create your own, accurate email List from scratch

Talking about how secure your data is, Clearout's service is fully compliant. List data is transmitted over 256-bit SSL, the same protocol used by financial firms to ensure secure data transmission.

Real-time verification through Clearout API takes less than a second for almost all major free email service providers such as,,, which cover the maximum share of the email population. Clearout has optimised the turnaround time even for the business email addresses created out of G-Suite, Microsoft Exchange Servers and Yahoo businesses too.

Different pricing models are available which include - pay as you go, monthly subscription, annual subscription and customised plans too! The credits do not expire until put to use. This applies to both pricing models.

You can try the service with 100 free credits. The 24*7 active customer support is there to support you at each step.

2) ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is an online email validation system designed to protect your sender reputation for email marketing. This tool will help you in removing invalid addresses, identifying spam domains, preventing bounces, and improving deliverability.

This email list cleaning service also detects and removes known abuse and spam trap emails, temporary addresses, invalid, toxic and catch-all domains. With this email validator, you can identify disposable email accounts, used to mask genuine email addresses, as can addresses which will bounce if emailed.

This email verifying service helps to reduce the bounce rate of the emails that send during the email marketing campaigns. This tool also has options to verify single and bulk email for the email validation check.

This email verifier facilitates the upload of contact and subscriber email lists in TXT, CSV, or XLSX file format, and verification results can be downloaded as a CSV file. Users can upload data manually, or connect with the ZeroBounce’s email validation service API to integrate email validation with their software.

3) NeverBounce

NeverBounce is an online email verification and list cleaning services provider that improves deliverability and helps businesses adhere to strict ESPs guidelines. The email checker uses 20+ cleaning process to achieve real-time verification, spanning mail server validation, domain health checks, and risk detection.

The email validation tool is designed to assist email marketers to reach their customers by dramatically increasing the delivery of their emails to the inbox. NeverBounce’s email list cleaning service offers custom API and webhook for developers and the service can also be embedded into an online form more simply for non-developers by JavaScript widget.

NeverBounce’s email checker offers bulk email verification is achievable for lists of any size, analyzing a.CSV file upon upload via the web-based dashboard. The email validation results are displayed within color-coded pie charts, detailing percentages for valid, invalid, catchall, unknown and disposable numbers.

4) Xverify

XVerify describes itself as a real-time email verification tool. It improves email marketing performance by removing the probability of hard bounces, reduces spam complaints and reducing frauds.

The main features of the tool include bulk email verification, domain check, mail server validation, single email validation, spam trap detection, syntax check, and disposal email detection. Although the tool does not provide free deduplication.

Xverify uses a cloud server to process the data. It does not have a setup fee. You can pay as per the usage. There is a mobile based application which enables you to verify in transit as well.

5) Emailable

Emailable is a cloud-based email verification solution to managing email campaigns and filtering out the contact database. This email validation tool feature includes domain check, email detection, syntax check, mail server validation, SMTP server monitoring, and reporting.

The Emailable email list cleaning service can parse through marketing teams contact database, filter dead/spam email addresses and optimize campaigns. It also assigns an email quality score to addresses and runs a domain-specific check to verify the server existence.

Emailable is a smooth and efficient tool to filter out the risky emails. Rather than emailing out and guessing if emails will get through to the intended recipient you can use Emailable, it is really a time saver.

6) Hubuco

HuBuCo is an email list cleaning service with real-time API and file upload for verifying emails individually or in bulk to ensure that emails are successfully delivered to subscribers. This cloud-based email list cleanup tool is designed to protect their email reputation and avoid message bouncing, in order to enhance the email deliverability.

This email verifying tool ensures that email communications such as newsletters or marketing content are not flagged as spam with its verification API and bulk email verification service. HuBuCo aims to reduce the bounce rate, both hard and soft by carrying out tasks including the removal of duplicate email addresses, checking of email syntaxes, assessment of risk, checking of MX records, and SMTP deep level verification.

HuBuCo verifies their email subscriber lists within the HuBuCo email verification platform with automatic SMTP to recipient servers to ensure the email accounts still exist, and detection of catch-all servers and temporary email addresses.

7) InboxHit

InboxHit is a simple and easy-to-use online email verification service to boost your email deliverability, protect your sender reputation, increase the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns and reduce email delivery costs.

This email validation software includes features such as bulk email verification, catch-all server detection, disposable email detection, domain check, mail server validation, single email verification, spam trap detection, and syntax check.

InboxHit also offers API Service to validate and verify the email addresses in real time and uses automated learning and artificial intelligence to detect disposable emails. InboxHit email validator effortlessly clean emails in batch, instant verification is also available to clean up and remove the bad e-mail addresses quickly.

8) Email Validator

Email Validator is an end-to-end email verification tool for all your email marketing needs. The email validator will help you to reach your customers with email list cleaning, bulk email validation, and real-time email validation.

This email validation services improve the sender reputation, delivery rates and reduce bounce rates. Everything in the email validator is very intuitive, quick and easy especially the email verification API is quite convenient.

The tool offers an end-to-end email verification with Syntax verification, DNS validation, including MX record lookup, disposable email address detection misspelled domain detection to prevent typosquatting, SMTP connection and availability checking temporary unavailability detection, mailbox existence checking, catch-all testing, greylisting detection.

9) Correct.Email is an email verifying tool to remove bounces, spam traps, duplicate, invalid, temporary, outdated and harmful emails. This email checker brings real customers and better results to take your email marketing to the next level.


GetEmail is a tool that can help you get email addresses in seconds. It’s algorithms and machine learning capacity helps find the email addresses of any professional in any company quickly. It can be considered more of a lead finder.

A free test is available for you to judge the app, but the credits allowed are 10/month.

The inevitable features of this email verification tool are – bulk email verification service, domain check, single email verification, mail server validation, catch-all server detection, and domain check. Though some features like disposable Email detection and spam trap detection may not be present.

11) Snovio

Snovio is an email validation tool that allows marketers and other professionals to generate leads on websites, social channels, and databases, enrich and verify them, and send email drip campaigns based on the recipient's behavior.

It’s starting price is $29/month/user with 1000 credits only. You can try the tool with its free-trial option.

The inevitable features of this email verification tool are – bulk email verification service, domain check, single email verification, mail server validation, catch-all server detection, disposable Email detection, and domain check. Though some features like spam trap detection may not be present.

12) Bouncer

Bouncer is an email verification tool regardless of whether it is just one email address or tons of them. This email verification tool protects your sender reputation, decreases the bounce rate and improves your deliverability database to ensure the continuity of communication with your customers.

Bouncer provides an intelligent email verification by not allowing a single undeliverable, risky or unknown email address to sneak into your database. This tool secures uninterrupted communication by catching not-existing domains and segregating low-quality email addresses from those of high value.

13) BriteVerify

BriteVerify is an email validation & verification software designed for improving email data quality, inbox deliverability, and email marketing ROI.

This email list cleaning service checks the validity of email addresses in real time, determining the email address syntax. After the tool will verify the validity of the email addresses email domain, before connecting directly to the email server to verify that the email address exists on the server.

This email validation tool also identifies and removes the invalid addresses before they bounce to improve the chances of reaching the user inbox.

14) Email Verifier

An email verifier by Live Software that reduces the risk of being blocked by ESPs for multiple bounces by verifying email addresses in your Outlook contact database.

Some inevitable features included in this email validation service is that it supports bulk email verification, domain check, mail server validation, and syntax check. Though some basic features like single email verification, spam trap detection, catch-all server detection, and disposable email detection are not present.

The starting price of this tool is $74.95 /one-time/user and has online support available in case you face any issues.

15) DataValidation

DataValidation is an email marketing solution to do an initial cleaning of a mailing list. This email validation tool makes sure that you are sending emails to real, legitimate and healthy email addresses. With DataValidation, you can easily identify which email addresses are deliverable, and which ones could potentially harm the sender reputation.

One good point about email checker is it lets you upload your mailing list to the system without paying anything. After that, the tool will give you a percentage of good emails from your list and a budget to download the detailed information of each address.

The DataValidation email list cleaning service provides deliverability solutions for businesses using email marketing to be in compliance with email service providers’ anti-spam standards. DataValidation offers deliverability and compliance tools for managing email data, email list cleaning and automating email validation.

16) Atomic Bulk Email Verifier

Atomic Bulk Email Verifier is an email verification software to remove non-existent email addresses to improve the email deliverability. This tool helps email marketers to keep the database up-to-date and reduce the bounce rate of the email marketing campaigns.

It has a fast and robust multi-threaded engine, connects directly to the SMTP server of the recipient and checks the existence of the email addresses without actually sending any mail. This email verifying tool also allows you to determine up to 90% of "dead" email addresses by verifying every email address from a selected database or text file.

Atomic Mail Verifier is a good tool for the initial verification of email addresses check the syntax, address domains. The tool also checks the mail server response time to eliminate bad and non-existent email addresses. The email verification software typically used to verify the email addresses in old client databases to avoid blacklisting.

17) Email Hippo

Email Hippo is an online email validation service to clean out the subscriber's lists. This email address verification service helps you to extract incorrect and email addresses from your list to make your email marketing campaigns more effective.

This tool has a cloud-based infrastructure ensuring rapid response times, scalability and security. The email address verification checks of Email Hippo includes syntax errors, DNS, mailbox, spam traps, disposable email addresses (DEA), and catch-all.

18) DeBounce

DeBounce is an email validation service to upload and validate lists of email addresses quickly and in a secure way. With this email validator, you can avoid hard bounce, spam trap, and can get rid of bad and disposable emails to increase your sender reputation.

This email list cleaning tool also detects syntax errors and remove duplicate email addresses, if you have on your list. Other email validations and checking features of Debounce include the ability to check if domains are invalid, inactive, or parked.

DeBounce’s email cleaning service helps you improve the quality of your email marketing lists by quickly, accurately, and efficiently validating email addresses in bulk. This tool also does the risk validation to check if the email address has any match for the high-risk keywords.

19) Kickbox

Kickbox is an email list cleaning tool to integrate real-time email verification into your marketing workflow. This email verification service helps you to integrate with a number of ESPs to identify the undeliverable emails from your contact list.

Kickbox’s email validation checks help you to keep your sender reputation by separating low-quality email addresses from high-value contacts. It also developed a “Recipient Authentification” to verify the email address provided users is correct, along with help you to block the fake account signups and protect your sending reputation.

20) is an automated email validation tool for your web-forms and email platform. This service helps you to validate emails to increase deliverability to reduce email bounce.

With, you can reduce the complaint rate as well as protect your domain reputation from bad emails, bots, and spam. You can make use of the email checker in two ways, either you can upload a list of email addresses to verify or you can verify ids entered in your website by visitors with the APIs. has two pricing models: Pay as you go as well as a monthly subscription. Also, this email verifier offers manually import and export of the lists along with an integration feature that help you to integrate with other apps like MailChimp, Shopify, etc.

21) Verifyre - Bulk Email Verification

Verifyre - Bulk Email Verification is SaaS software to validate bulk emails. The email Verification service offers online, and 24/7 live support. This email list cleaning service pricing starts at $3.00/one-time. Also, the bulk Email Verification offers a free version and a free trial.

Verifyre feature includes bulk email verification, catch-all server detection, disposable email detection, domain check, mail server validation, single email verification, spam trap detection, and syntax check.

22) WinPure Email Verifier Pro

WinPure Email Verifier Pro software suite is SaaS software that helps you to clean, correct, standardize and remove all duplications from your marketing/mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets, CRM’s and more.

This Email Verification software includes features such as bulk email verification, domain check, mail server validation, and syntax check. This software also ensures that all email addresses in your list are validated securely and easily.

23) BulkEmailVerifier

BulkEmailVerifier product is a SaaS-based email validation tool to reduce email marketing bounce rates on your email marketing campaign. Considering the large need for email verification and list cleaning the BulkEmailVerifier offers single and bulk email validation service.

This email cleaning tool connects to the email server to confirm if an address is valid and really exists or not. It includes features such as bulk email verification, mail server validation, and syntax check. The email validator pricing starts at $79.00/month.

24) B2BSprout Email Validation & Discovery

B2BSprout is an email cleaning tool to eliminate hard bounces and improve email deliverability. The B2BSprout Email Validation & Discovery software suite is SaaS software to validate, verify and segregate between good and bad email addresses.

This email validation tool offers a free version and a free trial. B2BSprout helps you to validate, verify and segregate between good and bad email addresses to reach the real inboxes. This email cleaning service is affordable, speedy and easy to use to protect your sending reputation and improve your inbox deliver-ability.

25) EmailOversight

EmailOversight is an email validation tool to validate and verify emails for an effective email campaign. It provides advanced email validation, data enrichment, and list management services that scale with your business.

With this email verification tool, you can generate custom forms and optimize Email delivery. The email validator integrates with Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Salesforce, and more to get instant data validation and data appends through our real-time API to improve your email delivery rates. You can able to manage the email List by drag and drop or by importing the list files like Excel, CSV, or text for the email list cleanup.

EmailOversight cleans the email addresses through a proprietary multi-method validation process that combines both email hygiene and real-time email verification. This process identifies email threats such as undeliverable emails, spam traps, complainers, bots, litigators and more to improve your email deliverability, reputation, and increase engagement.

26) Bounckick

Bounckick is an email verification software which can be installed in your own infrastructure without a monthly subscription. This email verification software segment the cleaned email list into multiple lists such as valid, invalid, catch-all, risky for easy export and integration with a third-party application.

Bounckick offers real-time email verification, seamlessly integrate with unlimited platforms. The tool offers single and bulk email validation check via API or Dashboard. Bounckick email checker also offers easy integration of your third-party CRM and email marketing software.

27) Business Email Verifier

Business Email Verifier is an email verification service for email lists cleaning & verifying. This email verifying tool specially designed for users who have their own mailing lists and always need to keep them up-to-date and duplicate free.

Business Email Verifier helps you to check if their email addresses are still valid. Without sending any emails to the recipient the email verification tool connects directly to their SMTP server.

With Business Email Verifier, you can process email lists in bulk, in a number of different formats such as CSV, text or xls formats to clean and verify email lists and boost email deliverability.

28) Email Validation- Towerdata

Email Validation ensures that your lists of email addresses are validated quickly, with the best possible sender reputation score. This email cleaning service also helps you to get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable and catch-all emails for a very reasonable price compared to other services.

Email Validation helps you better connect with your customers and preserve your marketing spend by catching and correcting invalid email data. Also, this email verifying service eliminates the costs that come with sending to bad email accounts.

29) Verifalia

Verifalia uses cloud infrastructure as well to make its data processing faster. Email validation of Verifalia helps in identifying spam traps, temporary addresses, catch-all domains, and role-based email ids. Apart from verifying the regular contact, it is also able to detect non-Latin characters and verify the email addresses with non-Latin characters as well.

Pricing is way less than the other known tools in the market but few important tool features are in a grey area and cannot be commenced unless the product is used like email data append, toxic domain detection, social append, and email abuse detection.

30) is an email validation service provider which enables you to do easy validation of email addresses, domains, SMTP and eliminate error if any. The features of includes bulk email verification, syntax check, domain verification, SMTP check, and mail server validation.

From the pricing point of view, this email validation checker has competitive pricing. It provides 1000 credits at $5. provides integration with other popular platforms like MailChimp, Google sheet, Salesforce, etc. API integration facility provided by this email verifying tool makes it easy to validate bulk reports.

31) LeadVantage

LeadVantage is a SaaS product that helps you to find leads based on keywords and also allows validation of the email addresses so collected. The chrome extension of this email validation tool makes it easy for you to find leads and validate the same instantly.

The main features of this email list cleaning tool include bulk email verification, catch-all detection, domain validation, server validation, syntax check, etc. There is a free subscription plan where you get 100 credits free. The basic plan will cost €10 which provides 1000 credits per month.

32) Sherlock

Sherlock is yet another email list cleaning tool. It claims to improve email delivery by removing invalid, spam and disposable emails. The tool validates the data against 100k disposable emails.

The easy to use API helps you with quick integration with the user application. Sherlock email validation tool provides 5k emails to verify for free on sign up.

33) QuickEmailVerification

This email verification service provider protects the sender reputation of the user by eliminating invalid email addresses immediately. The main features of this tool include domain verification, bulk email validation, spam detection, disposable email detection, etc.

Data security though is one of the concerns which is undisclosed. A free trial version is also available wherein 100 credits are available to test for free.

34) MailDB

MailDB is an email discovery and email verification tool. It enables you to find leads and validate them immediately. The list of email ids can be searched on the basis of the company domain name.

If there is a pre-existing list of email ids that have to be validated, then the same can be uploaded for easy verification.

This email verification service provider provides you with additional information like name, job title, and phone number. The starting price of MailDB is $9 monthly and goes higher.

35) ListClean

This list cleaning tool claims to increase your ROI by optimizing the cost of email marketing. ListClean claims itself to be an AI and Machine Learning product. The major product features include spam trap detection, abuse emails, toxic domain detection, syntax error, catch-all emails, etc.

A free subscription is available which you can use to test a sample of email ids. The starting price is $1 per user wherein a single validation will cost 0.0003.

36) List Genie

List Genie describes itself as a real-time validation tool. Bulk email validation takes a few minutes to provide you with a clean list of email addresses after eliminating invalid and junk email ids.

This bulk email verification tool has the following features- fake email address identification, API integration, greylisting resolution, etc. List Genie has a payment system in which per your usage system wherein you only pay for the emails that you have validated. The starting rate is £0.0075 per validation up to 250k emails and the cost reduces with the increase in a volume of validation.

37) LeadMine

LeadMine is another lead generation and email verification tool which helps you to generate and validate the emails so generated there itself. This tool provides 95% accuracy and includes features like bulk email verification, catch-all server detection, domain validation, syntax error verification, server validation, disposable email checker, etc.

From a pricing perspective, the basic plan starts with $29 per month and goes higher with usage and features. There is a free subscription as well but provides only 10 credits for usage.

38) HardBounceCleaner – Email Verification

Hard Bounce Cleaner is an email list cleaning service available online. It is an Email Verification and Email Validation service for small and large companies. They provide a guarantee of 97% good results. It provides 100 verifications to try and judge their services.

Hard Bounce Cleaner assures millions of emails to be cleaned by simply uploading the email list file. The HardBounceCleaner is said to be available everywhere due to its web service. It integrates easily with the most widely used platforms.

39) G-Lock Software Email Verifier

G-Lock Software Email Verifier is an advanced email verifier that checks the validity of the emails present in mailing lists and or any other database containing email addresses.

This email validation software can be installed on a Windows server or VPS and set up proper PTR and Reverse DNS records on the server to emulate the SMTP server.

It assures to provide a good email validation success rate with most free email ISPs or ESP, but it does not guarantee a 100% accuracy level due to certain multiple factors beyond our control.

40) EmailHygiene

Email Hygiene by Webbula is an email validation tool to identify active, hidden, and malicious email threats. Considered as an end-to-end solution it provides data verification at various points. Some points like the entire need for data verification at the point of capture, clean-up of data points as it ages, and enhancement of additional data points to build a more complete profile.

It is developer-friendly, real time, on demand API, business user-friendly and a self-service portal that securely transfers the file over an SSH data stream. The starting price is $1000/year and the option for free trial is available too.

With customer support available during business hours only, you can reach out for any kind of support.

41) Email Worker

Email Worker is an email cleaning service or we can say software that automatically identifies, imports, and verifies email addresses from files on your computer.

Some good points about this email cleaning service/software are that it helps in bulk email verification and mail server validation, it has a free version available and has a starting price of $27/one-time/ user. You can get online support during business hours.

Though some basic features like single email verification, spam trap detection, catch-all server detection are not available.

42) Email Verification plus Hygiene

Email Verification Plus Hygiene, an email verification service provided by Informatica. It has a 4-step process to check whether an email address is valid on the spot. This Email service protects the reputation of the sender by taking care of the deliverability rates, eliminating malicious threats and integrating other apps quickly.

The inevitable features of this email verification service are – bulk email verification service, domain check, single email verification, spam trap detection, and syntax check. Though some features like catch-all server detection, disposable email detection, and mail server validation may not be present.

You can try their demo and get the pricing information upon filing a request.

43) FindthatLead

FindThatLead is an email validation service that aims to contribute to the improvement of businesses and the economy, on the one hand, by supporting entrepreneurs helping them to find their best customers or their investors. No more prospecting work. FindThatLead scales your lead generation for sales and growth.

This email validator is available for a free trial version and its starting price is $15. Online support is available to clear your doubts.

The inevitable features of this email verification service are – bulk email verification service, domain check, single email verification, catch-all server detection, and domain check. Though some features like spam trap detection, syntax check, and mail server validation may not be present.

44) Email Checker

Email checker is an email list cleaning tool to verify email addresses in real time. It extracts the MX records from the email address and connects to mail server (over SMTP and also simulates sending a message) to make sure the mailbox really exist for that user/address.

With the availability of the free trial, you can check out the tool and decide about going across the paid version that begins at $10/one-time/user. It has an online support system available during business hours for clarifications of doubts.

To verify emails in bulk you need to buy from amongst the premium plans.

45) Proofy

Proofy quickly validates and verifies your email lists. Proofy checks if the e-mail addresses are real through domain validation, real-time processing, and email deduplication. It offers two ways to for the email validation check, either directly the list into the Proofy interface or by using within your application using the real-time API.

The email verification process of Proofy will help you to get rid of all invalid emails and helping you boost your return on investment (ROI) for email marketing campaigns. The email validation process includes email deduplication, domain validation, risk validator, syntax check, and MTA validation.

46) VoilaNorbert

VoilaNorbert is an email address verification tool that aims to verify emails for maximum deliverability and enrich leads with data that drives conversion. This tool checks that all the email addresses in your database are real to reduce the email bounce rate to ensure that you’re not on the risk of being blocked by ESPs.

It also gets rid of any duplicate email addresses, as well as finds typos in addresses, verifies syntax, filters out invalid email address formats, and removes any inactive, invalid or parked domains. This tool also provides email verification API for PHP, Python, Ruby, and .Net. to validate email addresses in real time.

47) Hunter

Another popular email validation tool to find and verify professional email addresses from domains and companies. Hunter offers an email finder, domain search and email verification.

If you enter a target domain (e.g. Twitter), Hunter will return with as many verified emails as it can find for that domain.

You can easily filter email type based on personal or generic from the result list. This will give you an idea of whether you need to contact somebody personally or just support/helpdesk and so forth.

48) AeroLeads

AeroLeads is an email verification tool that allows marketers and other professionals to find emails, phone numbers and B2B data of prospective clients.
All you have to do is install the chrome plugin and search for prospects on platforms like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, etc.
Once the leads are collected, you can go ahead and verify their emails before initiating the email campaigns. This will help to reduce the bounce rate.
There are different plans available and the price varies accordingly. Choose the best plan by visiting the AeroLeads website.

49) Pabbly Email Verification

Pabbly Email Verification provides a very efficient, secure and robust inbuilt cleanup mechanism that helps to maintain email list hygiene and immediately removes all the invalid syntax from your emailing list. Plus its intelligent spam-trap indicators eliminate all records of spam, thus avoiding any harm to your server reputation.

One attribute that sets this service apart from other services is, it manually verifies all the emails thus providing you with the most accurate results. Their manual approach of verifying emails makes the verification slow but ensures minimum false positives, low catch-all addresses, and reduced unknown addresses. Furthermore, with its simple interface and easy to use features, email verification becomes a piece of cake. To verify bulk emails just upload the CSV list or simply use the ‘Drag and Drop File’ option.

50) Atomic Email Verifier

Atomic Mail Verifier is a software that provides you with a clean mailing list in unlimited mode. The main features of the program are the three-level verification process, proxy server support, and easy import and export of results.
Atomic Mail Verifier remove from your base:

  • emails with spelling mistakes

  • emails that belong to nonexistent domains

  • emails that don’t exist on the SMTP server

  • duplicates of email addresses

  • spam traps

  • emails that were created for one day.

Moreover, Atomic Mail Verifier has a feature to identify catch-all domains and delete them from the list.
To accelerate the process of verification the user can specify a rule for domains that are valid like Always "Correct", Always "Incorrect", Always "Missed", Always "Unchecked".
Such a thorough verification increases the trust of providers and the Sender Reputation is growing up.
Atomic Mail Verifier has an easy process of importing and exporting data in *.doc, *.docx, *.txt, *.xls, and *.xlsx files, to clipboard or Outlook Address Book.
There are no limits to a number of email addresses and lists: buy once ㅡ use forever.

Price for first 10,000 Verifications$58$65$50$65$199/month$50
Free Credits10010010010025250
Minimum Purchasable Credits30005000100050010005000
Accuracy98%+98%Not Disclosed97%Not DisclosedNot Disclosed
De-duplication ChargesFreeFreeFreeChargeableChargeableChargeable
Yahoo/AOL SupportYesYesYesNoNoNo
Customer Support24/724/7Business HoursBusiness HoursBusiness HoursBusiness Hours
Disposable Account VerificationYesYesYesYesYesYes
Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLsYesYesNoYesNot DisclosedNot Disclosed
Verification TimestampYesNoNoNoNoNo
Verification PeriodYesNoNoNoNoNo
On-boarding without CardAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableUnavailableUnavailable
Chat SupportYesYesYesNoNoYes
Email Bounce DetectionYesYesNot DisclosedNot DisclosedNot DisclosedYes
Spam Trap DetectionYesYesYesNot DisclosedNoNo
Data security YesYesYesNot DisclosedNot DisclosedNot Disclosed
Money-Back GuaranteeYesYesNoNoNoNo
Catch-All Domain DetectionYesYesNoNoNoNo

Supplementary Tools To Find Email Addresses Of Ideal Prospects

Often email verification and validation is not the prime issue of an email marketer. Having limited or outdated email addresses of prospects is another dent in the success wall. This is where email finder tools come in and help you uncover your contact's email address.

1. Clearout Email Finder

Often email verification and validation is not the prime issue of an email marketer. Having limited or outdated email addresses of prospects is another dent in the success wall. This is where email finder tools come in and help you uncover your contact's email address.

Due to limited resources, creating an email sales and marketing list from start is difficult. Many businesses purchase pre-profiled lists from third parties and send out identical bulk emails to them. The low quality of the email lists can put your company in a dangerous situation.

To keep your company out of danger and establish a robust customer database, Clearout Email Finder gives guaranteed results backed by a confidence score.

Find email addresses in the following ways

1. Quick Finder - Get Instant results! Just enter the prospect’s name and company/domain name and in a matter of seconds get the email address you’ve been looking for.
2. Bulk Finder - It can be used to find a large number of potential consumers. Simply drag & drop or upload a list of people's names, companies, and domains. Clearout adds more columns to the lists, making them even more useful.
3. API Integration - Clearout Email Finder is accessible via a simple REST API and can be connected with any programming language to get real-time results.

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ContactOut is a browser extension for Google Chrome, that adds an overlay to LinkedIn and GitHub. This overlay lets you find your contact's email address by visiting their LinkedIn or GitHub profiles and then clicking on the extension. Not only does it fetch their email addresses but also their contact numbers and other social media profiles. The tool also comes with an easy-to-use dashboard and a comprehensive search engine to find the email addresses of people who do not have LinkedIn or GitHub accounts.